Monument Makers Inc.- Your source for Ocean Monument items

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  1. Are you tired of waiting for auctions on Ocean Monument items? Rest assured, the wait is OVER!

    Introducing Monument Makers Inc.- your one stop shop for Sea lanterns, Prismarine, Prismarine Bricks, Dark Prismarine, and Fish!

    HOW TO ORDER: Simply make a post on this thread saying how much of each item you need
    (minimum of single chest per item) I will post here when your order is complete

    WHERE TO PICK UP: once I have your payment, access will be set up at 6520@ monument


    Prismarine Blocks- 8 k per single chest
    Prismarine Bricks- 9 k per single chest
    Dark Prismarine- 40 k per single chest
    Sea Lanterns- 40 k per single chest
    Raw Fish- 1500 r per single chest

    DISCLAIMER: prices are subject to change due to demand
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  2. I'll do a big order:
    1 SC P Bl;
    1 SC P Br;
    1 SC D P;
    1 SC S L.

    with the normal priceing that whould be 97Kr but that is a bit to much, 92500r :p
  3. The total is 97 k. Do you want the order? Pricing is not negotiable. If there are a lack of orders after a week or 2, prices may go down then, but they will remain as posted In the op.
  4. paid the 97Kr

    BUT could you make the [ ACCESS ] signs to ilse32? jelle68 is in the wild...
  5. Sure. It will be done in 5 hours, I'm at work now:)
  6. access is up:) enjoy
  7. adnthe [ ACCESS ] sign is to jelle68 and, as I said, Jelle68 is ~10000 blocks in the wild... so ould you make it to jelle68 please? (I haven't got that much emc time so, I micht pick up late...)

    (so made an [ ACCESS ] sign to ilse32 (my alt/sisters accound)
  8. Sorry, was up late that night. I'll change it to your sister's tonight:)
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  9. Could I buy again one SC of Sea Lantern?
    I will pay and pickup with Ilse32 again.
  10. Sure, but gimme a few days, as I haven't been active, and need to afk at the farm. Thanks:)