Monsters in the wild

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Do Monsters spawn in the Wild on SMP 6

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Yes 10 vote(s) 71.4%
No 4 vote(s) 28.6%
  1. I was with my friend and he said that someone hacked the wild on Empire so that no monsters will spawn so i checked and i stayed all night and no monsters spawned. I don't know if this is on other servers but i definitly know that it is on SMP6. Please get this fixed.
  2. The Empire is not hackable. It never will be.
  3. As of right now natural mob spawning is not occurring (at least not often) on any of the servers. I don't fully know the details as to why this is, but I know it's not any form of hacking. Once Justin gets settled in his new place I'm sure he will sort it out.

    However if you come across any spawners they will be working :)
  4. Also, about spawners, please dont destroy them:)
  5. Keep note silk touch I doesn not work on spawners. so dont try to move them.
  6. Source?
    The thing that really regulates natural mob spawns is the mob cap. The effect of the mob cap and how it can be influenced by grinders and other mob farms is explained very well here.
  7. Winter is coming..........That is all
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  8. Someone make a meme saying
    One does simply hack emc
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  9. Drum roll please............
  10. I've been drumming for 2 hours -_-
  11. My arms are burning 10 hours later
  12. This problem has been discussed a lot recently in these threads:

    My take on it is that mobs aren't despawning normally, thereby causing the cap to be reached, which in turn causes all the kookiness we've been experiencing. My advice is to free up the inventory slots you usually use for a sword, bow, arrows, and maybe even torches, then take advantage of the situation by going mining since you won't have to constantly worry about what's behind you.
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  13. I went on smp4 and the mob spawning situation seems to be fixed I mean getting my door knocked on by fifteen zombies isn't really my cup-of-tea
  14. Willy-Wonka-WIlly-Wonka.png
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  15. This issue has been found to likely be a bug in the most recent versions of CraftBukkit++, as other server owners are reporting the same thing.

    Justin will have to either update CB++ if its fixed, or downgrade to a version that doesn't have it, or worse case scenario, go back to CraftBukkit temporarily.
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  16. Can we get official notification prior to whatever steps are taken to fix this so those of us who are currently running around without weapons in the Wild can rearm themselves?