Monday Murder: Kill That Krysyy PvP Event

Discussion in 'Empire Events' started by Krysyy, May 16, 2016.

  1. Do you think you have what it takes to defeat Krysyy in her Timelord Armor?
    Here is your last chance to whack the crap out of Krysyy with 1.8 mechanics.

    Obviously with 20+ people ganged up on her, Krysyy is going to have some pretty awesome armor and golden apples. BUT she will die at least 4 times during each session. Each of the deaths will grant the murderer a PvP Krysyy head.

    Time: 7 pm EMC time AND 10 pm EMC time
    Where: /v pvp on EMC

    Good Luck! You'll need it....
    *Fade to black with scary laugh in the background*
  2. awesome!!!!!

    and first!!!!

    lol nice photoshop skills with the iron swords :D
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  3. Epic!
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  4. At work. I have limitations of what i can do in 5 mins =P

    Edit: The head should be a Krysyy 1.8 PVP head, making this event have its own item. It would be cool to have an item that represents the last person to hit and kill Krysyy in 1.8 :p

    btw love the MS paint job :D
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  6. First one is early enough that I can take a crack at it. Will I walk away with one of Krysyy's heads or will Krysyy walk away with a stack of mine?
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  7. Interesting 0.0 nice art!!
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  8. It's weird how I said epic on this ...
    When I'm slaying someone 0.o
    But anyway
  9. You take ThAt HEAD, but the other 3 are mine :p
  10. gona try to come
  11. Awww, Im at school :(
  12. When you want to do nothing else but slaughter the owner of the server...
  13. oh yeah, plz edit "t" on line 4("Krysyy is going t have some"), Change "t" to "to".
  14. you got a point bro
  15. Gonna see if I can come, it is really close to my dinnertime....
  16. *clears throat*
    I'll be attending.
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  17. Fixed
    Lol no special item for just 1.8. Same one as usual for my PvP head, just more of them =)
    Only time will tell...
    Not owner, just community manager. But I appreciate your enthusiasm =)
  18. thnx for editing the "t" to "to"
  19. *Adds another stack of Golden Apples to inventory*
  20. hey, Krysyy, for how long are you planning to do this pvp with you???