Momentus Spotted! Advice for attacking?

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    EDIT: Momentus has been defeated.

    Any and all are welcome to come and try to fight him. I'm not particularly interested in fighting him myself, but he spawned right in the middle of a project I was working on. So, either someone else takes care of him or I do.

    That being the case, does anyone have advice on how to go about attacking him? The only times I've tried I've been taken out in moments, and I'm hesitant to go after him with better equipment for fear of losing it. Would splash potions of Instant Healing be best?
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  2. I usually throw on a golden apple and strength potion then just hit him till he dies. But first i surround him in stone.
  3. Immediately do /diff 1. He won't attack you unless you attack first if you're on a low difficulty, so you can walk right past him. You might have to hide in a hole for a few minutes, though; you can't lower your difficulty if you've been in combat recently.
  4. Try to get some nice screenshots of him, Erektus will pay you for anything he can use for the Momentus EMC background.
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  5. "Momentus has fallen" by the time I logged on. If I see one, I'll try to get some pictures of it, though. :)
  6. Ah shoot, wish I'd known that. I got one screenshot of him but it's not very good.
  7. Congrats!

    Still going to respond to this because although you may not need this advice anymore it could still be useful for other players...

    /diff. Keep it lower than 7 and you should be safe enough, in that sense that Momentus won't auto-attack. If you want to fight on higher difficulty I'd always advice to keep your difficulty low for starters, then raise it just before you're going to attack. After your preparations..

    First and foremost: place a bed nearby on a strategical position. Then use it. Using a bed on EMC can be done day and night and it's used to set your spawn point. So if you die and you have used a bed placed nearby you'll also respawn there which is essential to picking up your stuff again.

    As someone above also said: a little preparation can never hurt. Trying to block him in a little might help steer things.

    Next it's basically never stop attacking it while also carefully avoiding (or killing) the guardians. Water can often work in your favor here because it allows you to attack them from below where they usually can't reach you.

    Potions might work but I can't really say for sure because I never used them myself.

    When I'm using gear I can lose I always make sure to keep a bed nearby and keep track of where I died so that I can quickly pick up (some) of my stuff again and continue fighting.

    But what works absolutely best for me is voters gear. Keep voting for the server for approx. 100 days straight and you'll get armor + weapons which will never break and which you can never lose (soulbound). It's not god armor, but being able to spawn fully armed and armored can be a major advantage while fighting Momentus.

    Hope this can help a bit.
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  9. Left click, a lot...
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  10. ..and add water.
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  11. Ride a horse. It is easier to run away from guardians and the actual boss itself.