Mojang isn't happy about MC Multiplayer

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Buildershed, Apr 20, 2016.

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  1. not realms, It's memberships and VIPS is what mojang is complaining about and why,stay tuned to find out.

    Well mojang isn't happy about The Multiplayer of Minecraft since A lot of servers restrict a lot of stuff unfairly to VIPs,etc.I know many MC Servers need money but throw the blame on the server owners not Mojang becuase,many MC Servers don't use the MC Server Jar file given by which then using something else could put you in the case of you required to pay monthly turning you into a money pig. This could someday lead to an Minecraft Update blocking servers from connecting to there sites. MC Multiplayer use to be a enjoyable and more freedom but now it has changed. Lets go over some excusses made by MC Servers

    -If we don't restrict stuff,no-one is going to purchase our member ship
    -The MC Server Jar file given by the MC site does not support plugins(oh yes it does support plugins)
    -A MC Server hosting site is much easier

    I hope Mojang does something about this problem in the MC MP Community
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  2. I feel like I've blundered into a warp bubble in the space time continuum.
  3. the download link that you gave us, leads to an error page

    also, don't get what you are suggesting
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  4. Well, this is an issue which has actually been going on for quite some time now. And looks can be deceiving too, because many people downloaded their server from Bukkit (it allows the use of plugins, unlike the official server jarfile). But did you realize that Bukkit is actually owned by Mojang? So why would Mojang be unhappy about people using software from a project which they more or less own and thus maintain themselves?

    Also: why would Mojang have to do something about it? If the players feel to be wronged on those servers then they can always look out for something else.

    In other words: shouldn't it be up to the players instead of Mojang to decide what's best for them? I mean... With thousands of different servers online there's bound to be something out there which is more to your liking.

    Sorry to say but I really don't see the problem here. The only possible problem I see is that multiplayer servers in general tend to be a lot more appealing than any realm. But that's just my 2 cents ;)

    PS: I think you posted this in the wrong place. You're in the suggestions section and this might be better off in the community discussion section (but that got fixed ;))
  5. Mojang needs to stay AWAY from Multiplayer. They ruined the game with 1.9, now please, don't kill all servers.

    They could just ask Docm77 and other Mindcrackers for their opinion and make it law...
  6. These are two very reasonable and true reasons.

    I don't think you know how plugins work. You can mod the generic MC server jar, but AFAIK, you can't use plugins with it.

    The large server software systems that MC enthusiasts have created are made by the community, for the community. This makes them very server operator friendly. If Mojang actually put real time and effort into MC multiplayer, maybe the community wouldn't have to do as much work as it does just to create a reasonable platform.

    While I am not in favor of pay-to-win memberships that many servers have, there is nothing forcing people who don't pay to stay on those servers. You can't cry "unfair!" if you are the one subjecting yourself to that kind of treatment.
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  8. Correct me if I am wrong, but do you think that using default MC server jar is cost free? ie, no hosting costs?
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