Mojang is aware of SOPA

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  1. Did you all know that Notch is putting Mojang down due to the awareness of SOPA?
  2. The logon servers will not be affected for the blackout period, so everyone will still be able to log on. However, I am going media dark that day.. because I care XD.
  3. Same here. I am going to watch airplanes fall from the sky on the 24. lol. Well only if SOPA passes!
  4. Wait, since when did Mojang take something.
  5. yeah, there are alot of people behind it... the only big people behind anymore are really EA and Music Labels.
  6. These sites better only be down in the US. -.-
    It shouldn't affect countries not involved.
  7. Without getting into a debate all I will say is don't listen to the media. Don't buy into the hype. Go out and read the bill and research H.R. 3261 on your own. Don't base your opinion on the opinion you have heard from others. You will be surprised what you learn and how misleading the media is.

    Here is a good place to start:
  8. I don't get it....
    Sorry if you think I'm really noobie but what have mojang done?:S
    I still don't get it
  9. Glad you posted this, I had no idea there was an organized protest like this coming up. I will certainly be going dark as well.. I can only hope many more will follow suit, this bill is a gross infringement on our civil liberties and freedoms.. :p
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  10. Now I am intrigued, please tell me what part of the bill you feel violates your civil liberties or freedoms?
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  11. While I certainly agree with you that the media has overhyped this issue and made several stretches and accusations about this bill, the part that doesn't sit right with me (and is mentioned on the bill summary page) is that the government will have the ability send a court order to ISP's requiring them to either cut off services to sites accused of copyright infringement, or block their users from viewing the site. While I agree that all persons should be held accountable for their actions, and that piracy IS an infringement on someone's property, I don't believe the government should have the ability to force ISP's to control communication over the net as such.

    I dunno, I guess I'm just a fan of net neutrality. What are your thoughts on the issue? (If you don't mind me asking)
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  12. Well, right now, there is NOTHING stopping the bad sites (piracy sites) from raking in big loads of money. This bill is what will do that. Everyone's freaking out that the internet is going to end and Youtube will disappear, haha. I've heard claims that people think the government will jail people for singing copyrighted songs and putting it on Youtube. Is the bill perfect? I don't know. However, I don't think the intent of it is to be as bad as everyone's trying to make it out to be.
  13. I am also a fan of an open and free net, within the legal boundaries that we the people have defined :) What the bill is designed to do is finally git rid of all those fake pharmaceutical drug sites, pirating sites, and other illegal activities where they have a safe harbor over seas. It does this by allowing them to be blocked and keep financial institutions like PayPal from paying them. It is a touchy subject because the net spans the entire globe, so it is difficult to apply law to and govern. But we have to put an end to these criminals that sit over seas and make billions selling stuff illegally to Americans.

    Drug companies spend an enormous amount of money researching and producing new drugs. Musicians, movie studios, game studios, writers, etc work hard to produce content and as such should be protected. If I opened a store on my corner that sold copied DVD's and fake drugs I would expect that it is illegal and as such I would get shut down and possibly face jail time. The Internet should be no different.

    I am not saying I 100% support the bill, or that I don't support it. What I am saying is that I agree with the spirit of it. This is a very touchy line because of our freedoms and rights, but our freedoms should never include the right to infringe on the freedoms of others (I can't shoot someone dead in the name of freedom). This is why I agree with a measure that is designed to destroy these criminal safe harbors on the web, because they are infringing on my right to pick up a guitar or a pen and work hard and be rewarded for that.
  14. Haha, yeah. I was surprised to hear people hype up that Youtube (which is already VERY vigilant about self-policing their content for infringement) would take a hit for this.
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  15. Agreed, this is just a media scare tactic. YouTube already goes above and beyond policing content. In law I would say that they make more than a reasonable effort to ensure its users don't infringe the rights of others content.
  16. My general rule of thumb is, take the opposing side to what the media is saying. :)
  17. JustinGuy and GameKribJEREMY, I can certainly see merit in your arguments. I do truly hope that if this measure passes, that it will be used for exactly the purposes you've stated: To stop these malicious sites from selling fake wares and stealing intellectual property from honest Americans. I am just a little leery of any legislation that will give the government the ability to regulate communication.
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