mods (not moderaotrs)

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  1. ive been playing EMC for a while i just wish there were some other mods that are allowed like:
    - video cameras/TV
    - aether
    list more you wish were on here
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  2. Aether is NOT allowed, as it would affect EVERYONE.
  3. Actually, what he's asking for, are plugins that affect everyone, because they are global Plugins installed on the server itself.
    Also, no-one said that aether is not allowed, this is just a friendly ask by our bud, i do agree we should have other epic plugins on server, but if you don't at least avoid using such a 'defensive' language and maybe bring down those shields bro.

    I would like this to be added to the server :D
  4. Fast click [Post] in there?
    He's not talking about moderators, or becoming a moderator :p he is talking about "add-ons" or maybe "plugins" for the server xD
    EDIT: I just realized the title it's: mods-not-moderaotrs :p
  5. Ide like tv mod a lot because that would make the project I'm working on more epic
  6. Smart movement
  7. Using Smart Movement is against the rules as it provides an unfair advantage over other players.


    This and this.
  8. im asking them to be added to the empire... not just 1 single person
  9. This and this.
    (they are links)
  10. okay ill post there then