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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by ProdigyUndead, Apr 10, 2013.

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  1. Ok, so is it just me or in the last couple of weeks have the moderators been going a bit over board with banning. The only reason i mention it is because my buddy got banned for nothing a few days ago and they just banned me today. Reason: Offensive/Rude Remarks. I mean its not to big of a deal but i mean really? I rarely even talk in chat and usually stay to myself. And if i had to guess im pretty sure the reason i was banned was over 3 simple words which were "not from you". Ok so now for the story behind that. I was in the wild minding my own business. Well... sort of, i was on SMP9 and i was roaming around the bedrock bridge minding my own business. And i stopped by this one building and glanced at a player and he instantly says "umm can i help you with something?" And me, the one being slightly offended out of how RUDE and OFFENSIVE that HE was towards me, i simply replied with "not from you". And.... Now im banned. So im assuming he tattled on me. Even though he was the one to come off rude to me. And this IS NOT a ban appeal. So no need to tell me i posted this in the wrong section. I just simply wanted to share how touchy the staff has gotten. I mean i love this community and have been a part of it for a year or more. But I dont appreciate getting banned over pretty much nothing. So for those of who havent noticed it. WATCH WHAT YOU SAY. Because they are on the prowl and will ban you for not using proper grammar these days =(
  2. First off, how was he rude? He wanted to know if you need help. Were not supposed to kneel to you and say, "Good Day Sir, do you require any assistance today?" Also, read the rules. Rude remarks are a banable offence.
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  3. It's a temp ban. Nothing to cry over. Just wait 6 more hours.
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  4. Ban reasons, Square notes and other private information only accessible to moderators+ are always taken into account when a player is kicked, temp banned or perm-banned. You can not publicly state that you were ONLY banned for using those 3 words when you can not really know, no one can except staff. Perhaps you had a previous offence that you can't remember, were warned once before about something or a note on your Square profile was made, prior, about something you did and that was taken into account when you were banned.

    I can guarantee that you missed out one piece of information - small or big, evident or not - when you made this post because you knew that it would be used against you, it's just human-nature.

    If you really do think that it was a mistake, you are definitely allowed to PM the moderator that banned you along with IcecreamCow where you can discuss what you did wrong and the reasoning behind your punishment.

    That aside, moderators are extremely good at doing their job and are trained by Snr. staff and Admins, selected because they're the best at what they do and have the correct judgement to go forth with a punishment.
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  5. Need help with what, walking up and down a bridge? And yes, i know its a temp ban. Thanks for reminding me. Im not crying im just saying its getting pathetic. And you know as well as i do that it wasnt a serious can i help you with something. More of a hello what are you starring at. And responding with "Nothing to cry over" is rude. Do you think you should be banned over that. No, i didnt think so.
  6. Its their stuff. If they don't want you snooping around it, deal with it.
  7. Thats what your not getting through your head! I was on the PUBLIC bridge made for EVERYONE and when i stopped and looked at him he replied with his remark.I wasnt snooping around his stuff. Make sure your info is correct before you start assuming. If you have a problem with my post your more than welcome to go to another one!
  8. Oh go cry me a river. He didn't get on his knees and kiss the ground you were walking on. Its, a game. If you honestly can't handle it, I don't know what to tell you.
  9. That was my first response to your thread OP, did you expect them all to be supporting you? No. A mistake might have been made but chances are something else happened during or before this event that you left out.
  10. Good god, You clearly dont get the point im trying to make. I know he didnt kiss the ground i walk on! I NEVER ASKED HIM TO! If you got banned for telling me to cry you a river your would be upset to, To tell you the truth, Telling me to cry you a river is more offensive then what i got banned for, And do you think you will get banned? Of course not. Im not the one making a huge deal out of it. I said in the first post i just wanted to share it with people. And only one of the few people that posted on it was polite and responded as i expected. The rest were rude and told me not to cry about it and to cry them a river. So maybe you should be temp banned to huh?
  11. In that case, I would be banned for being honest. Also, remember who made the thread, which turned into a big deal over nothing.
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  12. I wasnt directing that towards you. Im aware that you responded politely and thats how i figured most people would post in reply. But is seems that most who reply just blurt out what that cant hold in there mouths. And as i mentioned in my last post. All of them except you were rude about it. So does that mean they need to be banned. No, because im not an 8 year old child that tattles about every few things that are said.
  13. You just contradicted yourself. Good job buddy! By me saying " Not from you" was just me being honest. Keep posting. Im enjoying your meaningless posts!
  14. Get banned for being rude, thinks being rude will get him unbanned.
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  15. Its ok people! calm down! we will get through this!

    What you said was a little rude "not from you" but im sure thats not the only reason you were temp banned. I dont think "Do you need help?" is rude at all what else are they suppose to say "Can I help you? Do you require assistance? How may I help you this fine evening?" no one talks like that unless you are the queen of britain or part of the royal family.

    ive asked loads of people "Do you need Help?" and they just say "no" "no thank you" "Yes." "yes thank you" "Go die"

    Didn't report them so how do you know this "do you need help?" guy reported you for what you said?

    Also i think the mods are doing a pretty good job lately many idiots have been banned, ect...

    Cept Dwight, there is room for improvement. (Im watching you Dwight...O__O <---- Me)
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  16. Again, your not understanding. Everyone keeps saying oh he just asked if he could help you. Thats not rude. He did not say "Can i help you" or "Do you need help" he said " Umm can i help you with something?" No one replies like that if they honestly wanted to help someone. Thats a remark to say when an innocent member and walking by the person says "Umm can i help you with something" which is a rude way of saying "Hello, I dont feel comfortable with you watching me build my house from the bridge over there. So could you leave please" Everyone know he wasnt saying to because he honestly wanted to help me. For one, wasnt doing any and two, he was busy building something of his own. So weather people want to except it or not. It was a rude remark. He didnt want to "help me" he was simply being rude because i stopped to look at him.
  17. Your temporary ban was for implying another player is a retard, which is a different incident entirely from the one you believe you were banned for. It is always best to first discuss your situation privately with the banning staff member before publicly posting on the forums with inaccurate information.
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  18. I would find it a bit awkward if someone came past my house and stared at me. This person was just trying to make something out of a fairly awkward situation. And then you responded with a statement that didn't even have a thank you or something similar.
  19. In that case could you telling when exactly i called someone a so called "Retard"
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