Mods are really doing their job

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  1. I see to many threads complaining that mods are not doing their jobs, and I am sorta tired of it. Mods are fixin' problems in our community without being paid. They are relied on, without a money bonus. They listen to us whine, without revciving money. They are volunteers, and do their best as mods. While I was on smp1 one night and heard someone telling some people in chat to not spam, stop fighting, and be nice very kindly, but harsh enough to get the message through. They did not stop. He threatened to call a mod, they did not stop. And so a minute later a mod got on and sorted things out. (I am going to put FaustLauncher on the spotlight for a sec.) This is what I saw.

    (I saw other things but wasn't able to put it on here)

    I just wanted to point out that the mods are doing their part as mods. So lets calm down and respect the people that hold us together.

    (And yes free advertising for PTagaard:cool:)
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  2. Now this is a good thread! Thank you for saying something positive about our great mods:)
  3. Of course. It's SMP1, one of the few servers the staff actually pays attention to.
  4. Not necessarily, mods are spread out over the servers, I am sure somethings like this happened on smp6, but I just happened to be on smp1 as it is my home server.
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  5. Thank you for this. I assure you we do the best we humanly can and will always continue to do so and bring on people who have the same passion for doing so that we do. For anyone who thinks we're not doing a good job or are around enough, please visit any other server out there and deal with the childish moderators that will ban you because you don't like their favorite cartoon, then come back to us. :p
  6. Mods are great, when they're around.

    We need more of 'em.
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  7. We pay attention to every single server with our square tool. Square doesn't let us discriminate. :p
  8. I could just make everyone who requests to be a mod one. We'd have plenty then...but I guarantee you you'd be making a whole 'nother set of complaining threads within a day. ;)
  9. The difference is the servers you PLAY on though. SMP4 - 8 have been all but abandoned by staff. Presence is the greatest deterrent.
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  10. What I am trying to point out is that mods are always around when they can. And getting more mods doesn't solve the problem, all the new ones could get on at the same times as the current ones.
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  11. Circles have to many lines of symmetry :p
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  12. I understand the frustration. I can't get a hold of my bank after the hours of 5:00PM until about 9:00AM in the morning, issue or not. However, I also understand that's life. ...and they are a business with paid employees. We simply ask that you attach REALISTIC not fantasy expectations of the non-paid moderators we have. From what I've seen, we have a better reaction rate than my bank. :p
  13. I think all the mods are great, you chose them well.
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  14. As someone stated in the's temporary. We can't be on 24 hours a day. Everyone will be all nice and follow rules when a green name is there. As soon as they leave, people will act up and these threads will continue, which is silly.

    Use /report and /ignore, for the billionth time, lol. This is how we see ALL the trouble makers and eventually get them dealt with.
  15. I go on one server(don't know why) and one Admin does not like me and so he keeps de ranking me and banning me.
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  16. The Band of Mods ;)
    *I know it says band of memes but i don't feel like copy past every mod/admin to each soldier Pic on it :)
  17. For one, smp4 used to have a mod on all the time. (Robbi) But she been having problems at home, so she is taking a break.
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  18. Yes! The EMC staff is amazing!, but just because they are that amazing, doesn't mean they are magic. They can't do everything all the time, and that is okay because they are there when they can be. People need to realize that they are doing what they can.
  19. The mods/admins do what they can do. They aren't always around, but they have LIFES just like US. Give them a break.
    Were lucky we have mods that even CARE! Pfft we are lucky to even HAVE mods! Some servers are all willy nilly and their aren't any mods, and if their is, they ban people for absoulutley NO reason! Thank you mods/admins for being their for us. :)