Mod Help Needed ASAP

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  1. Hello I have 2 of my MC accounts un able to sign into smp1 because next to 915 someone has like 1 million fireworks going off every tick non stop it brought my alienware down to 0fps
  2. Based on all of these threads that have appeared lately... I think it's clear we need some kind of firework-out-of-dispenser-nerf...
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  3. Or we just ban the people making people lag out...
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  4. Report it;

    Start a Convo with Mods and the Res #
  5. Strange...just went to 915. I was running at 100 FPS, like I usually do, and then MC suddenly froze as I went further down the water stream.
  6. The fireworks or Redstone circuits must be down there and your FPS went down as they got rendered.
  7. Yes if you go down the water stream the fireworks render from the res next door and bring you down to 0fps
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  8. Just logged back in...Minecraft froze before it rendered anything. I'm now stuck there...for all eternity D;
  9. Yup D:
    The stupid thing is I did the same thing with my alt...
  10. Current Death Toll Due to that neighbor:

  11. Found the source of the problem. Sent a message to maxarias and aikar. Hopefully, they can get to it soon.
  12. Type a res number and wait, i did this for ten minutes on Smp5 =P

  13. What is the res?
  14. Stop Fireworks :D
  15. Sitting here at 8FPS on this place, barely surviving.
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  16. Person who caused this should be moved to SMP1 graveyard...
  17. That's just ridiculous. :rolleyes:

    However comma

    So I suppose we shall see what "action" will be taken as I'm thinking there was a zero chance that this automatic fireworks launcher was for an event.
  18. Yes but also I for a split second I saw that it wasn't 1 firework i saw like a thick white line like 1 block wide of just pure fireworks.
  19. I'm not sure why you think I'm arguing with you. I'm actually supporting and agreeing with you. :D

    EDIT: Well not about the part of banning everyone that causes lag bc that sounds like it could turn into a witch hunt. I am saying that I think this person was def in the wrong. Probably just experimenting with limitations or designs but that is something better done in SP not on the server.
  20. Turning off particles and then tapping T and typing /spawn got me out of it. Barely albeit :)