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Do you want a mobile site

Yes 15 vote(s) 93.8%
No 1 vote(s) 6.3%
  1. I know it's a lot to ask for but sometimes I like to get on and see how things are going on the go, a simple mobile fourm would be very nice
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  2. I can't say for sure myself, as I don't own a capable phone myself, but, I hear the site is very good on Mobile devices.
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  3. It's really not, it's nigh on impossible to press the alerts button without clicking the advert too, for one example.
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  4. To be honest the site isn't bad on my phone, however I would like to see a mobile site introduced or even a app. However apps can take a lot of time and effort to program and with the things Aikar/Justin is currently working on, I don't think it will be high on the list of priorities. The thing that annoy's me most about using my phone on the site is that you can't format posts :mad:
  5. brb, off to mercilessly whip my informants....
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  6. I also have this problem, it is very annoying. However there is one plus side to it, it probably makes EMC like a tiny bit of money :p
  7. I agree with this

    for one Voting is difficult-ish to do, because (while this isn't necessarily aproblem with EMC forums) over the weekend
    I was out of town and with the voting contest, I tried to vote from my phone. I thought it went through, but apparently didnt
  8. This has been said before, but I can say it again :)

    There are several apps under development. I am working on one in cooporation with Aikar ( its number 1201 on his todo list) which will come out.

    There have been some other attemps, none have been succesuful except nfell2009s app which is a very simple one but currently the only which works....

    There is an Android app coming, and maybe iPhone, but since aikar is working on other stuff it might take a while.

    If we have any devs here who wants to help, feel free to start making one or start helping me. :)
  9. Why don't we just install tapatalk?
  10. I don't believe it supports xenforo? Plus it's £2.50
  11. It takes a bit of time to get used to the site on mobile but I hardly have any issues after this much time using it.
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  12. It's deffo compatible -

    And I didn't realise they charged for an app, that's a shame. At £1.99 on Android though, I'd probably still pay that.
  13. Isn't there a free version? Like most apps? Would be good if it was free then it would be accessible for everyone :)
    Edit- Never mind I looked at there was no free version :(
  14. This is like the only thing what's wrong with EMC forums on a phone. Everything other just works fine for me...
  15. Ok, according to the XenForo developers, XenForo being the software the site uses, the next version of XenForo (1.2) will have a mobile site. And so when the site hopefully updates there will be a mobile layout built directly into the site.
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  16. I've had roughly 2690 posts... Most from an iPad... Which is a mobile device....
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  17. Well, EMC is not on the latest xenforo... I believe they are on pre-1.x, or at most 1.1.1 so, if they wanted to upgrade xenforo they'd have to renew their xenforo upgrade license ($40/yr). Sure it's easily done, but it would be a lot of downtime upgrading the forums too.
  18. Upgrading the forums would not take too much work. Other than the validation system in the sign up page...
  19. On the iPad or iPad mini that I have it's fine.
    I nearly always go on forums on it.
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  20. Same here, Also, Forums are useable on Android, Its just a pain in the ass :)
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