Mob heads only obtainable on EMC

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  1. The mob heads that you can only get on EMC are renamed player heads

    and the /vanish command was not made by EMC

  2. Max likes shoes. We bought her 3 new pairs today.
  3. I installed LaTeX on my computer. It's pretty cool.
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  4. I, too, love carrots. They provide the ship with the twenty percent of Transportation Security Administration that computers usually use for their dedotaded wam.
  5. Well, the deal with the mob heads is a bit know more complex than that; Mojang made accounts with set skins, called squid, overlong, etc. to keep it constant. That's what EMC uses.

    Also, squirrels are the devil's mittens. And buttermilk pancakes.
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  6. I am jealous of max's shoe additions. Moose and I will be buying a new bedspread tomorrow =) he ripped the old one...

    Oh and racecar is racecar spelled backwards.
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  7. I am so confused
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  8. It's simple; we kill the batman.
  9. Hugging creepers gives you a hole in the ground
  10. pistons take 2 ticks to extend, but retract instantly.
  11. It's called a gif
  12. Also, I am jealous of your doctor who addiction.

    I have watched an episode of Hannity today and I already feel like I am 90 years old.
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  13. I like trains
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  15. When we got the shoes, we also got Mass Effect 2. I think dogs are cats that listen better.
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  16. placeable maxarian head
  17. How about we take EMC, and push it somewhere else.
    You REALLY should watch spongebob more.
  18. [insert meaningless statement here]
  19. I didn't realize this was a to talk about blondes and brunettes.