Mob head names.

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  1. Anyone any idea?

    All the heads in my inventory were the same, any one any idea what this is?
  2. Wait what are you asking?
  3. Not sure I understand the question... MHF heads ("Mark's Head Format") are standard heads/skins created by Mojang which players can use in their own game. The idea is to provide a head which will never change.

    See here for a full overview.
  4. These are Mojang names. This is normal.
  5. It's a bug. They are suppose to be renamed to just Sheep Head and such.
  6. I wasn't aware that this happened on EMC... You can always try to place these in your /vault, close it, and take it out again to see if that might change things. If that still doesn't change try contacting Senior Staff directly.
  7. Happened when we switched to 1.8 I believe. Aikar added a change that auto renamed them I believe. Haven't seen one of these names for along time personally.
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  8. I don't really mind, just a little confused :p.