Mob grinders

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  1. My darkroom mob spawner is not spawning and I was wondering if someone has a lot of mobs built up on smp1?
  2. Same thing happened to smp8... my double spawner just stopped.
  3. I was planning on enchantin tonight but right now it doesnt look like that will happen.
  4. If the spawner is above many caves, than the mobs will not spawn in the spawner but in the caves under it....
  5. I just learned something today.
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  6. Same thing on smp7, Aikar and I could not figure out for the life of us why everyone's grinders stopped.
  7. I learned this from watching CaptainSparklez! :p
  8. I just check outed my smp8 spawner. Working just fine.
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  9. Mine was all good this morning(smp8)
  10. I think that the mobspawners are having a protest.
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  11. Edit your posts.
  12. I think to, one time I build one in SSP and that one did not work to, and I know why...
  13. likewise.
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  14. This happened on SMP2 a few days ago, pretty strange. It was working again in an hour though.
  15. Is there any news on how the fix for the natural spawn problem is coming along? This problem needs attention so very badly. I hope it is on the top of the to do list. It is so detrimental to the game experience when nothing spawns. Which is more often than not on just about every server.
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  16. Everybody just look for a dungeon and make a mob spawner out of it, that works always!
  17. Yeah, Aikar and d1223m worked together and made some code that would raise the mob cap and limit the number of mobs per chunk. No word yet on how close it is to getting implemented.
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  18. just needs justin to install a plugin and update the server, but hes busy atm :)
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