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  1. Hello! I'm Seffy and some of you might know me from random giving of fish, or the fact that I lurk on SMP8 all day.

    I'm going to Preface this thread by saying that this project that I undertook with FatAndyTheGreat, and rdmaster is not a project for everyone. Some of you may not like the idea. I'm okay with that. Let's dispense with the "that is stupid" or "You should put in a crusher" beforehand. We chose not to implement certain things. That being said: Working together with several people for input has led to a greater creation, so feel free to note things you think would be useful in this design. If we don't use it, someone who sees this thread might, and your input could help them.

    I first began to think of making a Murder Hole when they allowed multiple types of mob heads to drop. I am not very good at surviving in the wild for extended periods. I have a condition that limits my focus. While I have a long attention span, I am not good at paying attention to more than one thing. I never cave, because I almost always die (Instead I branch mine with lots of torches) So I wanted to make someplace where I could kill mobs for their drops without having to worry about dieing so easily.

    I rejected a shooting range, as it would require a massive amount of hoppers and bows don't take looting as an enchantment. So instead I decided to make something I had made previously on my single player. In that world I had done little more than convert a mine into a mob chute. On EMC we decided to incorporate functions that a dropper would normally have.

    The Following Images are the result of a Joint effort between FatAndyTheGreat, rdmaster, and I.

    This is a picture of a porthole we use to snipe bats. If you look carefully you can see the spawning pads.

    The best way to activate it is to walk in a circle. the mobs wander to find you, get caught in the chutes, and fall to be killed by you. On the opposing side mobs spawn while you kill those. Its basically the opposite of a dropper, in that you have to actively kill the mobs to have more spawn. Bonus: after a few circuits around the killing floor there will be mobs every time you come to the middle of a cell. AFKing in the Murder hole is silly. Although we did make it possible with use of trapped doors.

    We also have some things we have added, such as capture cages for baby zombie villagers, a farm, an Enchanting area, and Storage.

    Since we completed it, they announced the dragon stone shards and such. So, There is that.

    If you would like to see the guts of the Murder Hole for yourself, I have built a sample, showing the process of its creation. It is on SMP8, on res number 16715. Follow the yellow arrow.
    Feel free to ask us questions about it.
  2. How long did this take to make? It looks like you guys put a lot of effort into this
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  3. We made about one cell a day. Mostly because the three of us are adults with responsibilities. The rest of the stuff was done just puttering around. Mostly starting with "hey! You know what would be cool?"
  4. I would like to add that the design we used could easily be modified to spawn spiders. The chutes would simply have to be made 2 wide instead of one and the half slabs could be eliminated.
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  5. This is awesome!
  6. How efficient is this, and how many cells did you make? Did you slab/lava/blow up an area to prevent spawning first? And do the mobs in the backmost tiers ever get stuck?
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  7. As the the efficiency: It depends on how fast you kill mobs. If you wait for them to spawn and fall without killing the ones that are there, it won't spawn more. It tends to spawn quite a few if you kill them as you see them.
    We actually built two of these. One that is One cell only, that I have also dug out the length so I may kill Slimes under it. And one that is Four Cells.
    We lit up every cave we could find. Both are in the ocean so actually there were not many caves at all. Since we dug it from the stone instead of building it, it was super easy.
    They tend not to get stuck, since the farm areas are under it and we frequently harvest and go back to search for slimes.
    It is also only about 5 levels back. With each level being 8 blocks long.
    However, if we spot a stubborn mob when we look through the porthole, it is easy to snipe them actually. The Bats are the worst ones for moving. If you do build one the portholes are fairly essential for maintaining the bats, that or leaving the area so they despawn.
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  8. This is great!! Thanks!
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  9. Dude.
    That is sick :p
  10. I was looking through my notes, and by notes I mean brain vault, and as I recall there seem to drop about 1-2 enraged a minute per cell. The other mobs appear quite constantly in groups of 1-3. It does not take long to walk between cells and there are mobs every time you reach the next one.
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  11. I like the name too. Murder hole... :p
  12. Is this open to the public?
  13. Don't think so... I hope so though :p
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  14. The ones I have made are not. However the reason I posted it was to invite people to make their own and perhaps even improve the design by doing so. Feel free to even make a public one if you so choose.
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  15. Under the 4th picture, I think it should be mobs instead of mods. Very nice though;)
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  16. Ive allready made 2 cells since i knew about this before the thread was out. I hope you guys have fun building it :)
    and it works very well 4 shard since i finished yesterday
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  17. Any chance on it becoming public when Wild Claiming comes?
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  18. Can you take pictures of the sample on smp8? (I happen to be far out in the nether on 8...)
  19. I will do that for you Stew. It won't get you the full effect however. I'll still try to take good screenshots.
    It is too close for that I think. The one cell might be outside the range. I am sort of still iffy on the rules for that.
    I am aware of my typos. Unfortunitly by the time I caught them I had posted it and I can't seem to get the hang of the editing feature. Any tips on that? It confuses me.
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  20. You just gotta click the edit button under your post and change the typos :)

    EDIT: and make sure to hit save changes :p
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