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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by RainbowChin, Apr 29, 2014.

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  1. Hey all :)

    As most of you might know, I host a Mob Arena every Tuesday & Thursday.
    (Details here)
    But to keep it fresh, I feel I need to introduce new ideas often to make it interesting.
    So, I turn to you, the community to suggest some ideas for rounds that you think should be added.
    If I think it's good enough, then the idea will be used and you will be credited in the main thread.

    Thank You :)
  2. replace the bottom level with water and force everyone to fight from a boat :D
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  3. Rephrase: Suggestions possible by me :p
  4. Drop in like 500 chickens with 1 chicken renamed, whoever kills the renamed chicken wins a prize
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  5. Not something we could track sorry, but nice idea all the same :)
  6. In the corner we could drop lava then keep letting it flow until players are forced in the middle while mobs are still coming at you

    (This may be a good idea or a bad one :p)
  7. Adding a scoreboard so you can tell who is in the arena -helpful for participants aswell as staff :)
  8. would require some expert coding, which would be underutilized in the current arena set up, gamesworld it could be used more however as could be used in all games.
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  9. Round Types
    - 10 cooldown Normal Round
    - No Buffs Diamond Round
    - Gold and Iron Rounds (Gives a chance for other players to win it, as most people don't have the supplies or rupees to spare on normal round)
    (Maybe leather round? Although it could be unfair due to voters armor)
    - 1v100 with witches or some type of mob that can do range damage
    - Zombie Mazes?

    For Added "Fun"
    - Turn the cooldown times down every few minutes to keep the level of difficulty a challenge
    - Have a high variety of mobs rather then just enraged zombies and ocelots
    - Concentrate all of the players in the center for a greater concentration of mobs
  10. Hmmm.... What about a "Super Ninja Death Battle of Ultimate Doom?" If you were to collaborate with a senior staff, you could put little areas of cobwebs here and there, and then you add in the super death ninjas... invisible, strengthened cave spiders. I dunno, I'm not really aware of what powers you have. :p I'll tr to think of something better.
  11. I've had an idea for a while which worked in the old system, but you'd need a second or even third mod to help with it now.

    KOTH styled, a small pyramid or something in the center that all players have to be on (disqualified if they leave) and slowly add regular zombies to either side of the base, making the combatants work together to defend.
    This would be a no armour game to force team work.
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  12. Some nice ideas, keep them coming :)
    To clarify, I mean ideas for my event in particular, not Mob Arena as a whole, however all ideas are welcome.
  13. I have a supported idea with that how about do that with Zombies and 1st one to die wins
  14. Perhaps could you make a mob arena with 50 skeletons (1 shot kill) 50 spiders (1 hit kill) and one spider jockey (normal damage) . Who ever gets killed by the spider jockey first wins.
  15. Although I am not the best at creativity and I prefer things such as buffed up normal rounds I do like rounds with twists.
    Probably not great suggestions but here's a few ideas that could be touched up
    • Old School Arena
    -No enraged mobs
    - No buffs
    - Itemuse is on to allow food and sword blocking
    - Any armor allowed

    • Nether Round
    - Primarily blaze, magma cubes, zombie pigmen and ghasts
    - No buffs
    - No armor
    - Hunger turned off

    • First to die
    - Cooldown set to 30+ (or whatever is pretty high…)
    - Static damage
    - Waves of mobs such as creepers or another powerful mob
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  16. i think you should host your mob arenas an hour later then they are now lol. That way I can play. And so can most of the west coast and midwest
  17. Then its 10 pm for him and causes trouble for others over there..
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  18. Add some floor obstacles to interfere with people's movements.
  19. As always, it is honestly impossible to try and find a time to suit all.
    And, I'll be honest in saying I've timed these mob arenas for a more GMT audience, who are often left lucked out in big events.
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  20. I live on the West Coast and I make it to every game.
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