mman2832's Christmas Giveaway

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  1. Hello Empirerererens!

    Right now on the 14006 museum I have set up 12 different Giant Presents. And who will be receiving these Presents? you may ask. Well you will of course!

    To enter Simply post anything in this Thread! On the 26th of December I will chose 12 different people to give these too, and don't worry if you get one you don't particularly like, Many of them have promos or rare items that don't necessarily relate to the theme.

    1. To the Guy Who Likes Aggressive Mobs
    2. To the Builder
    3. To the Miner
    4. To the Weapon Enchanter
    5. To the Fighter
    6. To the Promo Collector
    7. To the Promo Collector 2
    8. To the Sniper
    9. To the Gear Enchanter
    10. To the Engineer
    11. To the Random Enchanter
    12. To the Guy Who Likes Passive Mobs
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  2. I would be happy to be entered in :)
  3. hehe :p
    enter me :)
  4. Nice Christmas giveaway :)
  5. I would appriciate if i was entered thanks
  6. I wouldn't mind been entered :D Thanks for doing this :)
  7. Sign me up :) Merry Christmas!!!
  8. Cool and thanks!
  9. I would love to be entered :D
  10. Don't mind if I do!
  11. So you just need to say something? then Ill say that I dont know how to pronounce Argle-bargle :p
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  12. Can you enter me please?

    And its Very nice to see people doing this.

    Thank you, :)
  13. Please enter me, mman! Thanks and Merry Christmas :)
  14. lol nice :) Yes, happy holidays to everyone!
  15. this looks pretty cool...can you enter me please :)
  16. Mury Krizmaz
  17. Ah very nice. I would like to enter as well. :)
  18. Consider me entered...