Mistake on new player signs

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  1. This spelling mistake again? >.<

    Ironically that sign is also the first thing new players take down:

    I like them already. :3
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  2. a part* ...reminds me of halloween town - them saying 'apart' and then 'trapa' (reverse of apart) ...

    I think the sign explanations are fine... maybe they could be spaced out one block apart from each other; I had no idea you were supposed to read them from top down... I generally read from left to right, and then go down...
  3. same for me
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  4. The Shop sign should be more like this format:

    Line 1 leave blank
    [Item ID]

    Quantity = Amount of item per transaction
    Buy = Amount of rupees player pays you for [Quantity] of items.
    Sell = Amount of rupees to pay a player for [Quantity] of items.
    Item ID = Item ID of whatever it is (hold the item in your hand and type /iteminfo), or the Items name.
  5. Also, so someone doesn't accidentally buy or sell real diamonds from it :3
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  6. I did....
  7. Lol

    Good for the owner of the res. :) not so good for the player clicking...
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