Missing Villager

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  1. This isn't that important but it is expensive... I was working on maxing a black smith villager i broke the container he was in, he went off the res and onto another res then disappaered. I thought that he came back to the res but i cant find him. Also he isn't mine, he is my brothers if anyone knows how i can find him or knows what happened to him that would be great. He was like 18 of 26 trades so iv spent a lot of emeralds on him
  2. He should be at the res spawn of the res he left.
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  3. i looked there he isnt
  4. Have you checked every possible route that he could have traveled on from the res spawn?
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  5. yes my brother has his res spawn under ground there is only 1 way out to outside
    and i don't see the villager outside
  6. Villagers occasionally vanish when they run out of a res unfortunately…
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  7. so he might be gone ?
  8. Yeah, unfortunately. :/
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  9. well that's a bummer... i guess ill just have to make another maxxed villager -_- all 26 trades
  10. Mobs also start despawning if you exceed your res limit which is 100 make sure you have no more than 100 mobs on your res and you'll be fine! Also, make sure the villagers are kept in a contained area or they will leave your res and despawn
  11. Do you have a maxed paper villager?
  12. um not yet by tomarow i will
  13. You will want to get one of those first, as you probably know. I would only try to max the ones with either a clock/watch, compass, or enchanted book as their first trade. Then you won't have to deal with that later on.
  14. As soon as i get on today it will be up my internet went out last night