Miss Z's 2000th Day on EMC Bash!

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  1. Hey all!

    I don't normally celebrate many things in life, but when I've spent 2000 days on a game? Yeah, I like to have a little bash for fun.

    Sooooooo...mark your calendars for 6/17/2022 at 8 p.m. EMC time on SMP3 at +Kiringsmid

    This won't be a random drop event, but there will be random shulker give-aways for attendees, and the official launch of

    *Drum Roll*

    The Choose Your Own Adventure Event

    In this event, you choose how the story progresses.

    Will you find treasures?
    A time warp?

    Who knows!?!

    The story for this adventure is based on a table top game I created called Kiringsmid. No, it is not on the market for sale yet. Still at the manufacturer.

    You're a semi-unsuccessful person of 20 in a hamlet within the kingdom of Kiringsmid. Unfortunately, your lack of ambition has made your parents ashamed, and so, they send you off to the Kiringsmid Dungeon Complex. >:)

    In this ruined temple turned testing ground for young heroes, your task is to retrieve a trophy from one of the dangerous lairs within the complex. Or die horribly while trying to do so... :eek:

    Once you've obtained one of these objects, you must exit via the grand staircase in the center of the dungeon and return home...a hero! :aikar:

    But don't worry if you don't succeed. Your parents will revel in the bard's song of your heroics and make you a hero in the family history books. :p

    To traverse the dungeon, you must:

    Read the story prompt and decide how your story will continue based on the teleport buttoned options.

    When you reach a prize room, TAKE THE PRIZE, then start over at +kiringsmid if you'd like to try another path.

    This event starts at 8 p.m. EST, promptly on June 17th, 2022.

    You don't have to play the other event to get the shulker.
    You must personally attend the random number drawing. I'll hand out numbered books and then draw. You'll get the corresponding shulker. :) If you aren't there, I'll draw someone else's number.

    +Kiringsmid awaits! See you there on the 17th @8 p.m EST. on SMP3
  2. Wait... table top game? You created?

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  3. Yep! When I get the box prototype in a few months, I'll send a pic. :)
  4. This sounds like a pretty awesome event. Hoping I can make it.
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  5. Sounds like a fun event. Congrats on 2000 days! :D I will adjust the time of my Friday event so it won't conflict. :)
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  6. Hey everyone! I hope you've marked your calendars! Thanks to the generosity of SteamingFire and Torian42 (and Drascorp's sporeblossom machine on Utopia +dras casino), the prize list has gotten sweeter.

    Currently, you have a chance to find one of the following in a random shulker OR the adventure:

    • Aikar's Hot Hat (I have two so will split between the two events)
    • Omneoss egg
    • Zahnnen's Trident
    • Presidential Pen
    • Bunny Slippers
    • Witch Gem
    • Turkey Slicer
    • Holiday Axes (I have two and will split)
    • Empire Waffle
    • My 2000th Day Anniversary Commemorative Player Head (Only 1...EVER)
    • A 2000th Day Anniversary Z-Coin NFT (Only 1...EVER)
    These are in addition to whatever else I cram in the shulkers and trophy rooms :)

    Gonna be a fun time!!! <3 See you there on 6/17/2022 at 8 p.m. EMC time on SMP3 @ +kiringsmid
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  7. Due to quite a few requests, this event has been moved to tomorrow night to accommodate folks' schedules. Same location, same time.
  8. Tonight is the night!!!! See you there at 8 p.m. EMC time. Event should not interfere with fire floor. This is nothing like the button maze :p
    For details on prizes and what the event is all about, please go to top of this thread :D.
    SMP3 +kiringsmid @ 8 p.m. EMC time.

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  9. Hey all! Sorry for the last minute cancel last night <3 One of my kiddos was involved in an accident and I had to get to them asap. All will be well, but a momma's heart panics whenever things happen. Will post when we can do this fun adventure soon. <3
  10. Glad to hear everything turned out good. Completely understandable with you have to leave. Family is a priority and far higher than EMC.
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  11. I was bummed because I thought I missed it, then bummed because accidents, cars and children are one of the things parents dread the most. Glad to hear everyone is OK and hoping that every THING is not too badly damaged!
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  12. Hey Z, glad all turned out well and all are fine. I wouldn't have made the event but glad you are with us here o/
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  13. Ok folks! Third time is the charm!

    The Choose Your Own Adventure Event in Kiringsmid Dungeon is set for tomorrow night! :eek:

    When? 7pm EMC time on smp3 +kiringsmid.

    I also wanted to encourage you to get into the theme of the event. You're in a dungeoning adventure. Dress accordingly. While there is nothing to actually hurt you, it might add to your experience and won't affect the game elements.

    I also added TWO ADDITIONAL STORY PATHS in the meantime! >:) Good luck with them and your adventures!

    Shulker give away starts promptly at 7pm EMC time. If you aren't sure how to calculate this time, it's based on EDT (which is now permanent in the US). You can also type /time in game to see what EMC time is at that moment.

    Thanks again to my wonderful contributors:

    • Torian42
    • Raaynn
    • Katydidbuild
    • DrasLeona247's casino XD
    • SteamingFire
    • Some great deals from Upmostlocket106 on promos too :D
    • Gianluca99star

    If I missed anyone, don't worry! I'll be sure to include you in a humongous thank you after-event post. <3 <3 See you all there!!!!!
  14. Man I thought I had missed this until I saw the tomorrow night part. Man that is a relief. Looking forward to see these adventures.
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  15. Everything has been test run in triplicate! It's good to go and ready for adventurers. See ya all there :D
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  16. Aw crud, I won't be home then. I hope you get a good turn out and that everyone has a great time!
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  17. The adventure will continue to be open for the next month :) So you can at least check out the story. All the secrets of the place may not be discovered by the time you log on anyway. XD
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  18. The time has come!!!! Join me at +swap for the shulker give away on SMP3. Afterward, we go to +kiringsmid where treasure and death are abound!!!
  19. Great event! Thanks Z :)
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  20. My pleasure :)
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