Miscellaneous updates and bug fixes

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by JustinGuy, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. Well than i cant help sorry
  2. LOL. tnt battle. I know how to make good cannon :D
    I did once in singleplayer. Best record is 100+ block range. and reuseable :D
    It look similar to the Big Bertha from "Total Annihilation" Game
  3. That or you took the concept from the German Big Bertha from WW1 and put it into block form. No offence to German Players.
  4. Lol Actually the one im talking about is futuristic long-range plasma cannon of the "ARM" faction. from TA (predecessor to SupremeCommander) :D
  5. Oh okay by the way good choice of game to take a concept from
  6. I am quite glad ender pearl throwing is once again enabled. Ender pearls are one of my favorite methods of escape. I once used a pearl to save my friend from a mob of endermen by teleporting into the middle of the mob and spamming a diamond sword.
  7. Sweet, now we can teleport away from and across lava and water. Plus we dont have to risk falling down huge cliffs and dieing a n epic fail of a death