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Discussion in 'Empire News' started by JustinGuy, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. i was wondering, if i make a cannon that shoots tnt will it destroy others lots? i really dont want that to happen, just fireworks! but would the tnt just disapear once out of my lot?
  2. It would not explode in another players lot unless it is another Diamond supporter with TNT flag set to true. However I would recommend against building any cannons like this, it could be taken as griefing (like if someone complains).

    I would like to add that all TNT interactions are logged in a special log.
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  3. Well not really.

    I don't think it counts. :p
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  4. good. i that way if somehow my rocket (not a cannon, it goes straight up!) goes wrong it wont kill anybody/destroy stuff. but i just hope they dont fire at me!
  5. Hey Justin, What if both diamond supporters agreed to make little forts somewhere on their res, and had a tnt battle?
  6. lol, it would be better if you didn't
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  7. Ok no worries, I wasn't going to do it anyway, just wanted to ask :)
  8. i am sure mr2 would never even think of doing anything like that.

    *Aims Canon at Rubik's Cube.* " But i am unspoken for" ^.^

    just kidding
  9. Yeah ,a cannon might bombard me, but i can't even make a decent cannon that doesnt self destruct XD
  10. So. Really i should jsut maybe be on the lookout for neighbors tnt cannons
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  11. That is why i put up the tnt thread to question it
  12. I have a feeling that im gonna be blown up by my neighbors non-existant tnt cannon
  13. Try building a reinforced wall around your plot. Try and make it like a castle so it doesn't look ugly
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  14. I already made an item exploder out of obsid
  15. Try replacing it with lava, i mean to incinerate unwanted items
  16. awesome thanks for the update;)
  17. I know historian, but blowingnhem up is funner
  18. good point, try to create a controlled explosion area under your lot
  19. I did. Out of obsidain