Miscellaneous updates and bug fixes

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  1. Hey everyone, today we upgraded to the official Bukkit server release (about time). I also implemented a bunch of bug fixes and even squeezed in a couple new things to keep things interesting. Below is a quick list, as usual a full list is always available at http://EmpireMinecraft.com/updates

    • You can now use "free" for the buy and sell price on shop signs. For example put "free" on the third line to give away free stuff and ":free" on the third line to take donations, of course you could also do "free:free" :)
    • Shop signs are smarter about checking the prices to make sure they are correct.
    • Ghasts fireballs do damage again.
    • Ender pearl throwing is enabled again.
    • Fixed the residence [access] signs not working for players with super long usernames.
    • Two new supporter perks (customize residence messages and TNT usage).

    As usual please be on the lookout for any new bugs or problems. Thanks and have fun everyone!
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  2. dawwww TNT do want... but damn i'd have to be diamond first
  3. and how does free work, enter buying or selling for zero rupee?
  4. No you actually put "free" as the price.
  5. i see i see, thanks :D
  6. i foresee a cannon battle between diamond supporters in the future....
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  7. That being said... maybe, just maybe, this TNT thing wasn't such a good idea after all :eek:
  8. You spelled 'Pearl' wrong, Justin. :p

  9. how do i do the donaions?
  10. From what I read in Justin's post, just put :free on the third line :)
  11. Nice update Justin!
  12. Nice updates.
  13. Wonderful!! Now my Glass Shelf will be done much sooner ;)
  14. Twitch, I must see said glass shelf, sounds qwerky and interesting :) :D
  15. Go to residence 2002 on smp1 :D
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  16. Will do 2mrw, Its really late here and my body is beginning to cease functioning XD
  17. Isn't that good though? If your body doesn't work, you won't have to answer when nature calls, thus more time spent on Minecraft![/flawlesslogic]
  18. Really man really, I woke up because my phone alerted me of this, really? :confused: I thought I have it on silent lol
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  19. Haha this is a common mistake for me because the scripting language Perl and I am a programmer lol.
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  20. Crazy got Pwnd XD
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