Misc Updates - Wither Despawning - 11/7/14

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  1. Few small changes, notably the issue with Withers despawning during chunk unloads has been resolved.

    • A bug where Wither would despawn when a chunk unloaded has been fixed. Sorry it took so long, I thought this was Vanilla Behavior! But found out it was our issue.
    • Players may no longer /report staff. If you believe a staff member is breaking the rules, the proper course of action is to privately PM The Community Manager (krysyyjane9191). This is better off for you anyways as then the staff member will not see the report, and you can be sure it is seen.

      A message with instructions on how to report potential staff misbehavior is given in game.
      Side Effect: New staff can no longer become real staff =P
    • The server now monitors the TPS, and does a server wide broadcast when sustained (5min+) lag is detected, asking players to PM me if they are near a farm or something.

      This process also triggers an automate performance report that I can then access later, so it doesn't require a staff member being on during sustained lag to generate a report.

      If the spike is short then staff would still need to manually invoke a report, as the automated one will only kick in for 5min+ lag.
    • Message is printed when buying from a shop and low on rupees (less than 2k) with the rupees.emc.gs link. Message will only show once per 30 minutes.
    • Disabled Halloween candy dropping, disabled promo and removed items from Shop
  2. Nice little update, keep up the good work Aikar! :)

    Edit: First! :D
  3. Awesome!
  4. Nice! Can you please look into that big with changing you avatar on the forums?
  5. What do you mean?

    And Aikar, what do you mean with the side effect about new staff?
  6. I don't understand. You want us to let you know if we're near some redstone every time the tps drops? For diagnostic purposes or are farms supposed to be limited?

    Will withers still despawn during server resets?
  7. No, that was the bug being fixed.

    And about the TPs, its more of trying to diagnose what is causing the TPS lag.

    I need to understand what causes it to find a reasonable way to prevent abusing the server.

    inside joke :p We joke around that you're not a real mod until you're reported for doing your job, as every moderator ends up being reported "because they banned my friend for no reason"
  8. Awesome. Now just let me rename my wither, and I'll forgive all the withers that ran off into the distance and despawned. :p
    To be honest. I've only seen the TPS get low once or twice. Usually my lag is unexplainable or totally my fault for leaving too many things running on my PC.
  9. Can you actually give Withers a name tag now? I thought that was impossible before.
  10. Still impossible. fishmeal just really wants it =P
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  11. Is it possible to make this customize-able? Maybe it could be a site feature that allows a user to update their player's "low" value within the rupees page.
  12. Nice job Aikar! Especially with all of the performance detection updates :)