Misc Updates / Fly Flag - 8/31/14

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  1. Hey everyone. Sorry for the delay, took a bit to figure it all out, but tonights update should bring Furnaces and Brewing Stands back to 100% normal

    • Improved upon the recent performance update for Tile Entities. Put Furnaces and Brewing Stands back to unchanged until I can work out those issues, but made the overall performance improvement better by removing all performance impact that Chests have on the server!
    • Fixed an issue in the core "Timing" of the Minecraft Server (that plagues all servers) to help us hopefully now remain at a consistent 20 TPS, meaning 0 lag! No promises, but much improvement has been made.
    • Fixed a bug with /res message remove command. Should work as expected now for gold+members. *c*
    • Fixed some of the subzone spam when navigating subzones on EMC event res's. *c*
    • Added a Fly flag for Utopia! Set fly to false to prevent others from flying on your Residence! (can not be used outside of Utopia) *c*
  2. woo!
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  3. I'm having extreme chat lag issues...This problem started to occur after the update.
    I've also Timed out 3 times since the update...
    EDIT: 6 times
  4. Confirmed on time out problem. Undoing the perf boost stuff but also undoing the furnace/brew stand issue :/

    Guess they will have to wait until tomorrow.

    not sure what happened as this didnt happen to me in testing but i've been trying so many things maybe its in the latest things that wasnt tested AS much.

    Sadly its too late for me to try to quick fix it now, so the Furnace issue will have to wait until tomorrow evening.

    Sadly I didn't see the time out happen in testing until right as the update was going live, and one random d/c I wouldn't of associated it with it anyways.
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  5. Ok thinking the lag issue is not caused by the update, might be bungee or our host. considering bringing em back now.
  6. Ok confirmed its an internet/network issue: http://status.emc.gs - massive packet loss is why we are having these problems.

    putting the update back out, and will raise ticket with host if needed.
  7. Awesome nice updates Aikar! Always looking forward for more improvement to the empire!
  8. darn it! i wanted to fly on my smp6 res lol
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  9. Okay. I feel really stupid. What's the " *c* " mean?
  10. Secret for now
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  11. The "*c*" is Aikar's really weird face that took him hours to come up with >:D
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  12. I assumed it meant content D:
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  13. Maybe it does. It's full of mystery!
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  14. Uh huh.
    Give it up for aikar-who-doesn't-pay-attention-to-all-the-posts :p
    Edit: wow I double quoted :p
  15. I don't understand the context of this post?
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  16. Opening double chests will play the open-chest noise thing twice at the same time
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  17. Yeah I noticed it, but didn't have time to fix it since its not that big of a deal.
  18. You said it may or may not contain content, then supah Danny said that it was a face.
    It does not contain content >_>
  19. Content, noun: a state of satisfaction.
  20. Cap'n Crunch