Misc Updates/Fixes - 1/29/14

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  1. Numerous fixes and improvements just went out, noteworthy:
  2. EMC is complete. Everyone can go home now. We have pig heads :)
  3. Great thanks again Aikar! :D
  4. Aikar is burning some serious midnight oil on this stuff. He's building momentum for the DT update!

    Go Aikar!!!
  5. Agreed! ;)
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    • Added dragon stone fragments?
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  7. Now added to my personal list of minecraft fails: The fact that I spent 3 hours yesterday killing piggehs in the wild trying to get a head. I had no idea that particular head was not available. Missed the memo on that one. Thanks for the addition Aikar. I'll try again... someday. :)
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    • Improved the /tps
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  8. That was with the spigot update.
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  9. Just 2 questions, Is center defaulted if you do not enter an outpost selection? And will forceclaim work on derelict ban escrows?
  10. -If you don't give an option, it sends you to a random one. The purpose of this is to distribute players to all of the outposts instead of just tearing up the middle one.
    -Not sure what you mean by escrows - But yes, as long as the banned player is derelict you can now use the number option to claim it without being on the residence.
  11. I meant escrow as some residences seem to have ban true on them, and it was my understanding that the residences were held in escrow should the player attempt a ban appeal, and depending from where it moves from there what sentence is executed (ie. if appeal is successful, although the player was at fault for the ban, their residence(s) be reset as like a start-over second chance probationary term).. Please correct me if I am wrong in thinking that was how the ban true was used.. :oops:
  12. is there mooshroom cow heads yet? and thanks :)
  13. I had just never heard/seen that word before. lol. Easiest way to tell if something is claimable is to /res info ####
  14. How you do /res info if you can't move on the residence? Using /res forceclaim resnum doesn't work either since if you can't find out what the number is. Not all residences are numbered in order.
  15. I may have been using in wrong context, but it means to place in custody or trust of a third party for whatever reason, until such time an obligation or contract is fulfilled (I was equating the ban true flag as placing the players residence in the custody of the server and staff until such time that the residence is reset or returned to a player successfully submitting an appeal). Its used alot in real estate.. xD
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  16. Use the Live Map... Also, you can use /res info by putting in the number..