Misc Updates 7/17/14

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  1. Few more quality updates coming out now to improve the experience of the Empire!

    • /res unclaim and /res reset now use the chest confirmation system and no longer require repeating the command
    • Promo chests from IDay now require confirmation to open
    • Claiming a Residence now gives a link to the Derelict Policy wiki page, and tells new players about the 5 day initial time instead of 10 days (which they likely haven't earned yet)
    • Many improvements to the code of the /res command - This COULD have introduced bugs, so let me know if you see issues!
    • /res without any arguments now lists how many Residences you have compared to your max (ie 3/4)
    • Max Res Vouchers are now redeemable in game! Diamond members who redeem 2 can obtain 6 Residences! We will make a separate post on this. We previously said that these won't stack on top of the current temporary 4 Max Res Diamond receives, but decided to let it, so buying a Max Res voucher as a Diamond Member will let you get 5 today!
    • Removed Freedom Steak as a drop from Cows
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  2. Hax.
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  3. R.I.P
    You will be missed Freedom Steak..
  4. Aikar, please. :(
  5. I know. I'm about to murder him as well...

    *COULD have
  6. Oh! Thanks!
  7. And so people understand - Mods are given 5 Residences so they can spread out a bit over more servers, and jack simply still has the 5th from when he was a mod.
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  8. could of ---sounds like---> could've ---really means---> could have
    Once again, it's all the fault... of the apostrophe.
    Sorry. :p

    In all seriousness, thanks for the updates! :)
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  9. Goddamn you, you confusing piece of punctuation you.
  10. Found a bug with force claims, so pushing out fix for it now, and making /res forceclaim also use the chest confirm ui.
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  11. So... this is a thing
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  12. If I were you, I'd take that as a personal challenge. :p