Misc Updates 5/15/14 (Tokens)

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  1. Some misc updates mainly around tokens just went out!

    • Penalty for dieing to enraged/minibosses on token gain majorly increased. Death will now reduce token gain much more
    • Group members will now auto pool up then evenly distribute their tokens to all nearby group members
    • Mining and Fighting together in groups of 3 or more when highly active and maintaining a high mining/attack score (maintaining the buffs) will occasionally give token rewards.
  2. thank you for the up-dates
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  3. lol, So I won't be killing another Momentus.. ever.. xD ..Last time I fought one, I died about 27 times, because he spawn in a cave and was stuck and kept sucking everyone into the walls.. :confused: ..That would probably mean if I did it now, I would get -9001 tokens and lose all of the tokens I currently have. :p
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  4. aikar two things first when will we be able to cash in tokens? and what items will they be how many tokens will they cost
  5. So i did kill a momentus and its guardians without dying once, and i didnt get a single token. Are there something i have missunderstood?

  6. Did you use fire aspect? Note token release post mentions that hurts you atm.

    Did you get any drops at all?

    But that triple death message concerns me greatly.... thought I fixed that :/ That means the code is misbehaving and could be a culprit.
  7. sharpness and knockback
    i did get vault voucher, 2 zombie heads and 2 fragments from the momentus
  8. Odd, so you didnt meet the "too much non player damage" stipulation.

    How much effort did it require to kill? token gain is percentage based on how much damage you did to it.

    Also, others dying near it before you got to it would also have nerfed its token gain. but the nerf caps at 90%, so its odd to get nothing.
  9. ive had the same problem with enraged creepers I shot them with unbreak 3 and power 3 bow and got no tokens and no drops and I didn't die once
  10. I have reported a similar issue with the enraged creepers, but it seems that they only want to drop stuff and give out tokens if they are in full blast range.. As I have had to get one to literally chase me to be able to get anything from it.. :oops:
  11. No other messages than "Momentus summons assistance!" and "Momentus draws you in!"
    This momentus spawned a couple of days ago, near my base and i dont think anyone else have been near it.
    It took quite a few hits to take him down, had god armor and food, fought him probably for 15 minutes total.
    Only thing i did do was logging out at one point to do something and logged back in again to defeat it.
    I dont remember how many guardians i killed (not that many), but they only dropped flesh and a carrot.
    The difficult settings is at 5.
  12. ok it makes sense autumn but u could have it chase u into water then shot it while its swiming
  13. Sha449 and I haven't been getting tokens for killing unique mobs with bows.
  14. Seriously?? still no tokens?

    Did kill a freshly spawned Marlix, did not die once, did not relog, used a power 4 infinity and punch bow.
    The worst part? the guardinas only dropped regular arrows and bones, and the Marlix itself did not drop anything at all :mad:
  15. Bows are glitched, and you don't get tokens for killing enemies with them.
  16. Bows are not glitched as pretty much all of my tokens are from my Fail-Not bow.. There seems to be a range limit on some mobs to kill however.. As I have gotten token from bow shots and I haven't at the same time and the only subjective thing that I could think of seems to be the distance.. :oops:
  17. So i did set my difficulty to 6, then after a while killed a Marlix with a bow. Still the same, doesnt get tokens and doesnt drop anything.
    Another Momentus however did get me both tokens and loot :)
  18. The same thing happened to me, and I got the double death message from the marlix.
  19. I killed Momentus the other day and got over 1000 tokens, so they're not *always* bugged; maybe we can figure out what was different between my kill and yours that caused yours to give nothing.

    For example, I got his spawn message and immediately engaged him, without logging out; for at least one of yours, it sounds like it was spawned earlier and people had logged in and out near him a few times before you killed him. Normally when all players log out in an area, those chunks unload and any hostile NPCs within them disappear; what happens to the bosses when their chunk unloads? Could that be interfering with their payout?
  20. I killed a Marlix the other day with a Bow, and I got tokens from doing so.

    Now, I also ran across another Marlix, and had one epic battle with it, until it flew near a spawn point, got into protected area, and disappeared. No message showing that it had fallen. All I can think of is that possibly while running across the protected area, it hit me with an arrow, and it bounced back and killed itself?
    So frustrating that after an epic battle, I could not deliver the final blow. Oh well, maybe next time.

    I have not run across a Momentus yet, I am still waiting on that!

    edit: Did the group mining token bonus change? It seems different as compared to when it first came out.