Misc Updates - 2/23/14

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  1. More cool things!

    • Clicking on a player name for a chat message now starts a private conversation with the user
    • Clicking on a channel letter (T beside name) switches to that channel
    • New players finishing tutorial now automatically claim a residence, and get a few helpful signs on the Residence. I forgot to tweak the "last stage of tutorial so /newplspawn" part so ignore that message, they won't spawn there anymore.
    • Fixed Fire Aspect and Thorns in the static damage fair PvP arenas. Can't fix Knockback that easy though.
    • Fixed Chat Filter being so stingy on duplicate messages, it should be much more lenient about blocking messages now.
  2. Now, this is a pretty cool update :D
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  3. So many updates this past week...
  4. Thanks again Aikar! It's epic :)
  5. grr broke something very important gotta push fix out for (I made mod chat cross server!)

    This is a first step to then working towards cross server tells :)
  6. But it's not even 2/23/14 on the west coast, I must live ahead of time. Anyways, love these updates, keep me coming!
  7. It's almost the 24th in Australia :p
  8. this sounds more like something you would want to keep in XD
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  9. You must live in the future :O
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  10. And I've already found a bug (I think)
    When someone /tells you a message longer then one line the second line appears white.
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  11. You've been doing so well Aikar.
  12. Will this entail there to be a newer spawn later if the /newplspawn area isn't really used?
  13. maybe
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  14. I really like the whole "click to interact with chat" thing. Really enjoying all these constant new features :)
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  15. That bug has been happening since right after 1.7.2. I'm not sure if they fixed it, because I never payed attention.
  16. This bug is known, we knew it would happen in testing. Not a big deal. will probably maybe have some kind of fix way over there -----> nothing major though.
    I just joined and I want to give feedback.
    I have a couple friends on EMC, so I have seen some of it.

    I like the tutorial and book, the only problem is i spawned at the center of /tutorial so i did not see the signs until going back to /tutorial to exit one of the rooms.

    This is very nice having the automatic res and signs are very helpful.

    The only other issue I had is clicking on the forum link in /register was an invalid link, but when I re-typed forum.emc.gs manually into my browser, it worked.

    Overall great join experience.
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  17. Quoting this from another thread;
    EDIT : Perhaps one of the signs should say something along the lines like "If you wish to manually claim a residence, type /res unclaim, and when you find another suitable residence, type /res claim"
  18. Prepare for more change in the future! As Minecraft continues down a dark road EMC will continue on, with better PVP arenas :D:p
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