Misc Updates 1/12/15

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  1. Hope everyone had a great winter holiday event! These Special Monster + Goodie Chest spawning I have to say has been a fun combination to really make exploring the wild fun :)

    But, it has finally came to an end. However you will still find old Bliz Ard around in the world! Just no more NEW will spawn.

    • Disabled Blizz Ard and Holiday Chest spawning
    • Removed Empire Firework from /shop
    • Previously we announced our ways of detecting people who grief blocks was massively expanded. However it does not include super common building blocks like cobble, stone, dirt, sand, etc.

      To help with cases where those blocks are being griefed repeatedly, you may rename the block in the anvil, and if a player breaks the renamed block, it will be logged and can detect a griefer. Note: Only blocks placed after this update will track. Also please don't rename common blocks for this purpose unless you are having issues with people griefing them (ie: a farm)
    • Chicken fixed Placing POWERED redstone dust on a block so that it now works for triggering Feature Signs like intended. If you want an easy way to control the movement based feature sign triggering, place redstone dust. Power on = teleports, off = doesnt.
    • Chicken fixed some bug with /iteminfo
    • Fixed items flowing in water while out of activation range of a player. Farms should behave more appropriately (Was actually a Minecraft bug they fixed in 1.8, backported to 1.7.)
    • Fixed some server crashing exploit that baddies are using on other servers
  2. Pesky Blizzards won't hurt mah farm anymore
  3. Didn't get a nose, but I did get a Turkey Slicer yesterday (almost 2 months after the event ended), so there's hope for me yet. :)

    In the meantime, I can't wait to

    a) Actually become a pineapple and get Gold, and
    b) See what else Aikar has up his sleeve for 2015.
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  4. Excellent >:) let the Evil possibilities commence!
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  5. I'll miss Blizz Ard. I killed 50 exactly.. that gave tokens at least. I think there were a few that were too far damaged and thus didn't give tokens. Out of 50 I got three noses and a bunch of diamonds and dragon frags. So those noses are definitely rare, we'll see what happens with those soon I hope.
  6. It would be nice if it were possible to track blocks that haven't been replaced recently. I recently got griefed and wouldn't have been able to find the griefer if they had left a sign with a few... Vulgar insults on it and a thank you note for the stuff he stole.
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  7. Because of how Square's logs work it would be pretty much impossible to retrospectively add tracking of named blocks.
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  8. Nice updates! :)
  9. I know it would be near impossible, just wish it wasn't xD
  10. I get that a Cobblestone block won't be detected, however, does the detection work on cobblestone FENCES, STAIRS, half-slabs, ...etc?
    If not, I've got some rework to do... Well... i've got rework to do regardless. Still recovering from the griefing. But hey, at least the village is back on its feet!
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