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  1. Hello all members of EMC. I am trying to create something that was created back in 2012 but died due to the Complicity. If you must know where that thread is...(link) What we specialize is having different tasks and creating a efficient mining experience. We all split the resources evenly at the end of our trips. (Trips last as long as Foxy's willing)
    [Ex. 6 members are participating and there is a dc of stone; each member gets 9 stacks]

    Miners: They mine. What else do you want me to say?
    Builders: Creates the base for the team, also works on safety of mines.
    Farmers: Works on Food/Wood Supplies (Hunting, Farming, and chopping trees)

    Side Jobs
    Black Smith: The person who fixes tools and armors
    Torch Person: They help by placing torches and exploring other parts of caves
    Knight: Kills Mini-Bosses and other mobs (Have Strong gear with them at all times)
    Food Prodiver: Brings food up front and distributes it throughout the group
    Side Note: You are responsible to bring your own gear to our mining trips. Black Smiths aren't tool enchanters. But bringing picks is encouraged.


    1. IF your Job as a Builder or Farmer are done, you automatically become a Miner
    2. You are REQUIRED to help the group when participating (Please pm in Team Message)
    3. You must have 1 Side job
    4. Willing to listen to FoxyRavenger and others
    5. Have Fun :)
  2. If you would like to Join this team...


    1. FoxyRavenger: (Owner) Builder & Torch Person
    2. SirTah: Builder, Torch Person, & Food Provider
    1. HxCami10: Miner & Knight
    2. ElectricSparx: Miner & Knight
    3. SlvrBuildsBlocks: Miner & Torch Person
    4. Gawadrolt: Miner & Torch Person
    5. KindlingFire: Miner & Torch Person
    6. Pamboy: Miner & Knight
    7. Blazethekid8: Miner & Knight
    8. jossytheninja:(Co-Owner) Miner & Food Provider
    9. SkeleTin007: Miner & Knight
    10. AshtrayRock: Miner & Knight
    11. awesomeshepherd: Miner & Knight
    1. gladranger7: Farmer & Torch Person
    2. KikuDusk: Farmer & Food Provider
  3. whats bump?
  4. I applied... not sure if I'll make it usually, though.
  5. Wait... whats a Timestamp? I thought it meant since you joined the server... I'm just so confused.... :confused:
  6. On second thought.... never mind. Forget I applied. I'm sincerely sorry for any inconvenience I may have caused.
  7. what smp? 4?
  8. It will depend, this group isn't strickened to one smp.
  9. I applied. Seems like an interesting group.

    EDIT: Oh hey, I'm on the member list now. Nice! (Would have been nice if the thread had been bumped for that, but okay.) Just let me know the location for our base.
  10. Well I was but you know I would of got in trouble from the bumping police :p

    As a part of this team, we work together as one where ever we may be. This upcoming Friday Night Miners we as a team will go out and see what we are made out of. I am excited but we still don't have a Farmer :/
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  11. Well, if you need food, I've got quite a bit from my own personal farm.
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  12. I mean, I should consider farming being under builders... Just not sure.
  13. I could make a decent farm and supply people with Silk Touch diamond picks with Unbreaking 3, if you'd like. Got some nice villagers that have some decent trades.
  14. You know that would be nice for the group! Mabey dedicate some pickaxes for the group?
  15. I expect if people want efficiency, they'll add them to the picks themselves, so, yeah, I can set aside some picks for the group. Not going to have a lot at the moment, though, I need to build up my wealth in emeralds.
  16. Sent in a form!
    My only request is that if I do make it, I be notified a bit ahead of time before the trips - I am naturally located on smp8, and I am quite often in the wastelands and/or frontier, and it's a 20 minute or so trip to the town spawns usually. So yeah, forewarning would be helpful should I be added. ^^
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  17. Yes, forewarning would be most helpful for all of us. This way I can know to prepare extra supplies in my vault ahead of time.
  18. I'll be messaging the group pm when we are going. So far I want to try our group out in a dry run this friday.
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