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  1. Hi I was the Co-Leader of TES but it got shut down coz of a griefer.
    I made a group called the T.E.S.G (The Epic Shaft Group) but i shut it down coz of a griefer as well.
    And i am bringing it back UP!!!!!!!!!!!
    I want people to join this group, there are many places for people to become a T.E.S.G Member, just fill out this Survey and reply in the comments.

    1) How long have you been playing MC?
    2) How long have you joined the Empire?
    3) What job of the 8 do you like best, Miner, Builder, Collector, Forger, Protctor, Farmer' Knight or Repoter?
    4) Which join if the 8 do you want to be?
    5) Why should you join the group?
    6) Have you ever griefed be honest please?

    I will bring you more news when people apply.
    Base will be on SMP9 so we need to wait untill it has been fully released for everyone.


    Members so far:

    Leader: Djozane
    Co-Leader 1: Damo20
    Co-Leader 2: SoulPunisher
    Co-Leader 3: Oreokookie12
    Co-Leader 4: AlexHallon
    Co-Leader 5: Slyfox1019
    Trusted Member 1: King_Sparklez
    Trusted Member 2: Starpuncher
    Trusted member 3: UltimateKnight
    Trusted Member 4: WonkaTime
    Diamond Member: Reidme
    Gold Member: Creeeper655
    Iron Member: Redwing2000
    Miner 1: King_Sparklez (My 2nd Acount)
    Miner 2: Reidme
    Miner 3: Ertyfig
    Builder 1: Moriman100
    Builder 2: Redwing2000
    Builder 3: Oreokookie12
    Collector 1: Djozane
    Collector 2: UltimateKnight
    Collector 3:
    Forger 1:brandop123
    Forger 2:
    Forger 3:
    Protector 1: Mullethippie96
    Protector 2: Creeper655
    Protector 3: Craftwise
    Farmer 1: Slyfox1019
    Farmer 2:
    Farmer 3:
    Knight 1: WonkaTime
    Knight 2: Starpuncher
    Knight 3: SoulPunisher
    Reporter 1: Damo20
    Reporter 2:

    Please hope this goes wild and great Exp for the wild!!

    I dont know when we will set out of the trip me and soul will be on SMP4 wilderness to find a good base location
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  2. you totally stole that name from Alex Hallon with hits The Epic Survivors!

    Come on, be more creative! Change that name instead of ripping of Alex with The Epic Shaft Group...
  3. Um... Me, alex and Dj where in TESG long before TES was even thought of. Alex is fine with it and TES got shut down anyways.
  4. Ya that was true TESG was made way before TES was made so Alex stole my name
  5. 1 year
    About 3 months
    I would like to be builder (70%), but mining is also good (20%)

    I can build some cool stuff and I have some rups (to buy a lot of materials)
    Only on my own server, with real-life friends :D
  6. Welcome to T.E.S.G!!! My friend please invite people to join and ally. You are the Master-Builder!!
  7. Ok, I'll try.
    Can you also pm me, when you are ready to move on?
    And the last thing: I will not be able to play MC next week.
    But then I'll be back
  8. if you want to be a miner let me now i will change it
  9. No, builder is better
  10. 1 year
    About a week (but i know the commands/and have invested much time already)
    Protector, miner, builder (any really)
    I am on MC a lot of the time (ideal for protectors hint hint)
    I have Never Ever greifed
  11. Welcome to TESG
    You are now a Master Protector!!

    please spread this awesome group to every body only 16 parts left
  12. Thanks djozane, let me know when this kicks off, and if you need help selecting a base site when the server resets i am pretty good at that. I have had a few rounds with PVP servers and know some tricks.
  13. Please change this from "gang" to group or it will have to be removed. It gives the impression of illegal activity.
    I know that "gang" is also defined as something non-violent, but most people think of gangs as a group of violent men and women who engage in criminal activities.

    Gang - a group of persons associated for some criminal or other antisocial purpose.
    Prohibited Actions & Content

    • Not engage in Illegal Activities: Users will avoid promoting activities that are banned by law in the United States.
  14. ok i will change it
    even though i am from England

    Guys it is now the TESG
    G= Group not Gang any more

    WonkaTime when SM9 is up plz help me find a good base location I will tell u when, when it as been released
  15. Thank your for not being difficult about it.
    I realize we have players from around the world, but by utilizing our services, you must abide by our rules.
    When you joined the community, you agreed to the Terms and Rules. Give them another read. ;)
  16. Will do, and 4:30 English time would be, say 7:30ish eastern Merican time
  17. Well maybe they are just a gang of miners without mining permits.
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  18. WonkaTime got anybody that might be interested in TESG