Miniboss idea: /surrender

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  1. Hi gang!

    Time to make a suggestion which I'm sure has been on some peoples mind already.

    I've come across plenty of occasions where players found themselves attacked by a mini boss (either by starting it themselves or keeping difficulty high enough) but only ended up not being able to see it through.

    And it's not just about giving up on the fight. Just now I got contacted by a player who told me he and a friend of him attacked a Marlix somewhere last week but didn't defeat it. So now, several days later, when he wanted to go out mining he found himself getting chased by Marlix again.

    Of course I have more examples: I also know of players who were busy mining their own business while a group of (other) players attacked a mini boss. Next thing they know they got drawn in and added to the fight, even though they never really wanted to. Worse yet (in this particular example I know off): the group who attacked the mini boss used /invite (created a group) which left our poor uninvited player unable to defend himself because he could not attack the mini boss nor his evil servants.

    Suggestion: /surrender.

    At the price of an xxx amount of tokens (it should not be free!) you can forfeit the fight and give up. The mini boss in question will regain all of its health (there has to be a penalty somewhere) and will ignore you for an x amount of time (even if you have difficulty set above 7). My idea would be 5 or so minutes. Of course, during this time you also wouldn't be able to attack the mini boss either.

    Yes: I know this can cause issues. You're fighting a mini boss with a group, one of them decides to give up and all of a sudden you have to start all over again (more or less).

    I still think it makes for interesting gameplay though. I mean: if someone wants to quit and tells you guys as much then surely you can provide cover or something instead?

    I also base my suggestion on the fact that many players out there fight mini bosses while being either alone or with a few select friends only.

    What do you think?
  2. This would be so useful for all my failed attempts of fighting Marlixs!
  3. So the idea is to have 5 min to collect your stuff and run away?
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  4. +1

    Great idea!
  5. +1 But for me either the boss should despawn or you should lose the ability to fight him altogether. The later is better though, as it wouldn't cause issues with other players that might've been fighting the mini boss too.
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  6. +1! I've always needed this while building farms and stuff, and I get attacked by minibosses.
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  7. +1 aikar pls nerf marlix, its 2 hard 4 meh
  8. I remember accidentally spawning a momentus when I was mining underground. Somebody found it and asked for permission to kill it and I said sure. Big mistake.

    The momentus brought me to him and I immediately died. +1

    Nowadays I leave the custom mobs off.
  9. The idea is to have an option which commands the mini boss to leave you alone. The 5 minutes would be some kind of threshold to prevent it from attacking you again if your difficulty would be too high.

    But to be honest I like Birosquinha's suggestion much better: losing the ability to fight it all together, maybe this could also prevent possible abuse.
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  10. +1 Great idea
  11. That'd be a good idea for those of us who die from the mini boss and we have to get our stuff back. I've defeated more Marlix than Momentus. When I'd try to defeat Momentus, I die and go back for my stuff, he'd just resume attacking.
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  12. I like the idea, but most people are liking it because they get sucked up from underground. In my opinion, that just needs to be fixed and I don't think people should have to pay for it. As for just not wanting to fight it (even though you can turn mini-bosses off) or just giving up mid-fight, I could see why that should be paid for. It also gives a reason for tokens.
  13. If the player did not want to fight in the first place, then it would be good if minibosses wouldn't attack first (example with unsuspecting miner being drawn in - has happened to me as well).

    Having high difficulty set, but not wanting minibosses to attack unprovoked is a special case.
    I'd say if you don't want to be attacked without starting the fight - lower the difficulty.

    The interesting case is when the player wanted to fight initially and has either attacked first or has high difficulty, but then wants to surrender.

    Why wouldn't the player just walk (run) away?

    The only problem I see is when the player wants to remain in the vicinity - e.g. when the miniboss is around the player's base (and they naturally do spawn around bases and mining grounds).

    Is the miniboss a "natural" obstacle / challenge or something else?
  14. That's not always an option. I once had a momentus spawn on top of my house, and each time I'd respawn he would kill me before I could run away.
    Also, people want to take their items back once they respawn, and Momo doesn't give them that option. Momo doesn't care, he's emc's honey badger :p
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  15. I think a better better idea would be having miniboss spawns off makes you not be sucked in by a miniboss. While it is off you can't attack bosses and they can't attack you. That way you can peacefully mine in the waste without paying and not be pulled into a fight with some other group. This would be great for thinks like FNM too. You can mine with miniboss spawns off while others in the group fight a marlix.
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  16. nowadays i enjoy going after him despite dying repeatedly but my first encounter i didnt actually know what it was. i thought it was somebody's build. i went to investigate to i think see if there was a way to climb up it and investigate what i thought was a very magnificent statue that someone built. needless to say i was pulled in and suffered a gruesome death. many momentus's later i have but one thing to say

    sweet sweet revenge

    p.s the surrender option sounds like a good idea but i think it would hinder gameplay unless it permanently prevented you from attacking that momentus and/or despawned that particular momentus like the one person suggested. though if it despawned then other players wouldnt have a shot at it
  17. I kinda need to disagree with this whole idea.

    In my experience if you've attempted to take on the miniboss and you're not successful. Just switch smp's and down grade your diff to 1. Go back and the miniboss shouldn't attack you.

    Though i've only done this once when i tried to take on Momentus at diff 10 on my own.

    If your in a group that's going after the miniboss simply have an escape plan. A smp to switch to should you need to. Stay until the other members of your group show up to let you know it's safe to return.

    I see no reason to pay for a service such as this.

    If your on your own and you simply want to gather your stuff you dropped while fighting the miniboss and leave the fight. I'd say don't take anything you want back if your going after the miniboss. Pretend it's Mob Arena or something, cause your stuff now belongs to the walking dead.
  18. cant you just change your /ps to where minibosses dont autoattack?