[Mini-Rant] "Peaked" vs "Piqued"

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  1. I see this all over the place, and it's been driving the writer in me nuts.
    So, my good EMC fellows, let's be clear:

    Pique - to excite or stimulate. When you hear someone say "this piques my interest" or "you have piqued my curiosity," this is the word they're using.

    Peak - a high point or apex. If someone's interest has "peaked," this implies they are as interested in the subject as they're going to get, and it's all downhill from there.

    Peek - a quick glance; to look at. Your interest cannot be "peeked," though someone might peek over your shoulder to see what's so interesting.

    Thank you and good day.
    /mic drop
  2. The peeks into your life through your words have reached the peak of piquing my interest.
  3. This thread peeked my interest.

  4. ...And this is why movie villains are always English. :rolleyes:
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  7. (Gerard) Piqué - Spanish soccer player who plays for FC Barcelona. Played for Spain in the Euros and got eliminated by Italy in the round of 16. Final score was Italy 2 - 0 Spain.

    (I'm sorry, but I had to do this :p)
  8. Why you gotta drop a 300$ mic like that? Also this has been the peak of my conversations all day. Thanks for piquing my interest with this thread, although I already knew this since it's common sense and most people learn this type of stuff studying in the 4th grade. It was nice to take a peek in here and see the struggles that I go through when chatting with lower intelligent life forms on other online communities.
  9. It was actually just a Chinese $0.80 microphone he found on Ebay.

    XHaro_Der enlightened me on these beasts a little while ago...
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  10. I always thought that mountain looked suspicious..
  11. i just took a peak so i could take a peek and then i got all confused ^.^
  12. Nah, it was more like $15 headset that happens to have a mic attached. :D
    Maybe you can return the favor and enlighten Haro on this thread?
    *runs away making Zoidberg noises*
  13. i am so sorry
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  14. Then Websters and Merriam are playing one hell of a prank on me... :confused:
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