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  1. :pThere are loads of competitions for mini monologues out there, but mini monologues are really fun anyway.
    A mini Monologue is a character speaking his/her thoughts and feelings at a particular time, all of this must be written in exactly 100 words.
    For example: you could use the time an actor or an actress walks up to the stage to receive a Grammy award.
    In the monologue you must reveal the character's personality and maybe a bit of their past. :)
    You can write about:
    .A fictional character
    .A celebrity
    .A sports star
    .Or anybody you want to write about!
    have fun:D -tinykate
  2. Was this it? I could see it glimmering in the distance like the north star. A blue glimmer of hope. The first one of many, I hoped. After a short time using my just-about-average tools, the gem was in my petite hands. My first diamond. The second followed after, along with the third. It must have been my lucky day. Ideas ran through me like a river. What would I do with them? So many choices! However my celebration was cut short. The shock hit me before the pain. The last thing I saw was the depressed face of a creeper

    (It's 101 words, close enough right?)
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  3. Oh, that's cool! I had never heard of that before, I'll definitely be watching this thread, maybe doing myself if I can think up something.
  4. Yeah you can write about anyone who want, even if you don't know them you can always create their personality. :)
  5. There she was. Lying there. In death she was still beautiful and loved, but she wasn't really dead she was in a sleep that would last until the end of's the same thing. I held her slender hand and felt her pulse beat through her skin. It's my fault that she's like this, her fairy godmother's fault; I was blinded by revenge and pain. My heart had been broken by the one I loved most in the world. At the end of all this I still hadn't achieved vengeance or found my wings, stolen from me sixteen years ago.

    -Maleficent, the scene where Aurora is asleep in a tower room and Maleficent is standing over her, regretting the curse she cast upon Aurora when she was a baby in revenge for the King stealing her wings. :)
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  6. Uh? Stealing her wings? :confused:
  7. To be the new king, the man had to kill Maleficent but he didn't want to kill her so he cut off her wings. Her wings were still alive and at the end of the movie the wings reattached themselves to her. :)
  8. Ooh, this is about that new movie Maleficent , isn't it? I thought it was about the Aurora fairytale or Disney movie Sleeping Beauty.
  9. Yep. Why don't you write one? :) I think it would be really good. :D
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  10. As the minutes and hours passed, I felt that the sand became more comfortable. I laid down hours ago and watched the stars come out, one by one. The tide didn’t rise, and with no moon, probably never would. I still had a cough, probably from breathing smoke during the crash. I guess I should consider myself lucky, there might not have been oxygen here. I hadn’t noticed during the day, but the water now seemed to glow. I leaned back, trying to relax by looking at the stars, and wondering which one, if any, Earth still orbited.
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