[mini-guide] SMP2's Nether 'training grounds'

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  1. Hi gang,

    This guide has been obsoleted by the waste reset: this area is no longer there.

    Today our own HelloKittyRo (in her tuxedo) decided to help me out with my mini-guide :D
    (lol; I feel evil, but I had to use that quote :p)

    As you probably know the nether can be a very lucrative place. The netherrack structures often contain lots of nether quartz (which can earn you some good money) and if you're lucky you can even come across a nether fortress. Home of the blazes (useful for their blaze rods), Magma slimes (to collect magma cream; the main ingredient for fire resistance potions) and of course the wither skeletons which, if you're lucky, can drop their head which will allow you to build a wither.

    The main problem which some players have is preparing yourself for the dangers of the nether. There's isn't an option to 'simply' get into a nether fortress to see how hard it is and to quickly get out again. Or is there?

    Fresh out of the outpost and Kitty already killed a blaze...

    Introducing the "Nether training area", which you can find on SMP2 by using: /wnether sw. Exit the outpost on the north side and you'll walk right into a somewhat secured nether fortress. Note the stone fence in the picture above? That was my doing to make sure that we can't simply fall into the huge lava pool which sits below this area. Apart from that I also blocked some other holes with nether fences, so it should be relatively safe to walk around.

    So what can you expect to find here? Everything you'd find in a "normal" nether fortress, but the main advantage here is that the outpost is just one quick sprint away. Even if you get killed by a wither skeleton then recovering your items should be pretty easy.

    Which can also be an extra advantage: wither skeletons spawn here, and sometimes quite a few. So there's also a very good chance that you may collect some wither skeleton heads here, required to build yourself a wither!

    At the edges of the area several mobs can spawn, including wither skeletons!

    But as you can see in the pictures above this place is best suited to make yourself more familiar with fighting blazes. That is a feature courtesy of EMC itself; they actually provided us with a blaze spawner which sits right in the protected area surrounding the outpost:

    Kitty tried as well: you can't break this one ;)

    So there you have it... If you're looking for blazes or a relatively safe way to fight wither skeletons then you should definitely check out this "training area" on SMP2.

    What: Nether fortress "training ground".
    Server: SMP2.
    Where: /wnether sw, exit to the north side.

    Happy hunting!
  2. Shelly and I had a blast in the Nether. All though, there were ghasts, wither skeletons, and blazes. Though, we survived, and made it back to town!

    Shel and I made a guide to help you understand the basics of the nether. I mean, Shel did make it a little, tad, over complicated, even though I told him, "No shelly. Your doing it simple.". He didn't lisiten!

    My point is, Shel and I really hopr you enjoyed our guide! It took a bit of a while.. but we made the guide. Now, I'll tell you my view... without pictures!

    So, Shel and I started our adventure into the Nether! Well, we started by killing a blaze and almost dying because Mr. ShelLuser rushed and he almost DIED. Luckly, I saved him. THE END. Jk. On with the story I go! Anyways, after we killed the blaze, Shel and I started moving along. After we started moving along, we found a Ghast. But Shel ran off, and I had to kill it alone....

    Shel had ran off! Leaving me! Boy I was mad! He left me! Even though he didn't. He just hid from me as a joke. What kind of joke is that, though? He scared me! I needed him to survive such a dangerous place, such as the nether. Anyways, we moved foward, and then found a blaze spawner. We killed all the blazes! But, it was protected. So.... we couldn't mine it. Then we found a Ghast, and killed it.

    After 12 minutes of walking, and searching, we found a Blaze Spawner! We killed all the blazes, and got the spanwer! Then I killed a Wither Skeleton.

    Then, I lost Shel, and then found him again. But we didn't know where to go, we were lost! Luckly, /map was there! Then we found our way home. The end for real!

    I really hope you guys enjoyed this story from my point of view!
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  3. And lastley, my comment!

    Thanks so much for doing this Shelly! Yayayayaayayay
    So kewl.

    And how did u sneak in all those pictures u prankster gangster.
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  4. Nice to see more players doing something for SMP2 in the wild/waste :D
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  5. Yep. Shelly and I are officially exploring friends! :)
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  6. Lets not :p Also keep in mind that officially only the author of a thread can bump it. So yah, its good the way it is 8) Besides; eventually it'll also find its way onto my journal thread which also gives it a nice free bump :)
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