[(mini) Event] Shell's Silly Search

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  1. This is a silly event I just came up with because this will be more fun than just starting an auction (is what I planned). And it will give me some appreciated feedback / confirmation (or not).

    Prize: Momentus Toothpick (yes, it's from that Momentus encounter).

    For the first person who can tell me the name of my girlfriend in this thread. Yes, I spilled it out somewhere on these forums (with permission). And no you guys, its not because I forget it myself (shame on you for thinking that! Wait, you say I came up with that first? errr.. as you were!) :D

    Do not tell me in-game, just respond on this thread!

    I'm dead tired (but feeling very good) when writing this. When I got home I planned to play on EMC for 30 or so minutes (fortunately I do have the day off tomorrow). As usual a lot of stuff happened and 30min. became 3 hours :cool:

    This is not a good time to be chatting with me, esp. not about this silly contest.

    I'll give you one tip: some of you have a small advantage :p

    Ok, I shall give you another...

    Hope you watched it all, this is so not helping you though :p
  2. Is it Keiko?
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  3. Well, that sure didn't last long :D

    You won fair & square, congrats! Mailing you the sword now.
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  4. Lol.
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