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  1. So, that one Minecraft Gallery site I talked about like half a year ago...is finally ready. It went through some stages. The first few involved the requirement of players to send me screenshots and having myself upload them all and format the posts, etc.

    This was a negative to me as then of course, it removes any control of the post/image from the person who submitted it...they wouldn't ever see feedback, etc.

    I then decided to figure that out later and figure out a logo. Thanks to iSmooch for making a super epic one.

    I then let 2-3 more months pass while we worked on EMC stuff some more and it kinda fell on the back burner. I then came across by chance a theme that fit pretty well with what I was looking for and went for it.

    I've been working on it the past week or so now trying to set it up right and getting all of the annoying (wordpress) stuff in line and while it's not exactly where it'll be quite yet, it is ready to use.

    It's pretty much a mix between an image upload service, like imgur with Facebook's "timeline". You setup your own account and upload images to it. Other users are able to view it, comment it, "love" it (gives you a heart for each "love" you get on that submission). The timeline part of it allows other users to "follow" or subscribe to you, showing your new submissions on their timelines when they log in.

    The section is divided into 3 parts for posts. New, Timeline, and Featured. New is any new post anyone does. Timeline shows only your, and people whom you follow'd, and Featured are submissions which receive 25 or more "loves". You have to be registered as a member to give a "love" so, make sure you share your submissions with friends who play Minecraft as well. :)

    I figure I'd launch this with a contest. Anyone who has a submission that reaches "Featured" status will get 500 rupees from me personally as well as a book on EMC personally signed by me declaring you a "founding member" of Minecraftations. This must be done by February 18th, 2013.

    Also! I'm HORRIBLE at coding and all that stuff, this has been a headache, so feel free to leave ideas and suggestions, but I'll probably seek out the help of anyone (here maybe?) who understands wordpress coding, etc. better than I do to try and get it done if it's possible, lol. This was just a fun project I wanted to do to see how big we can make it. Of course if we get big enough, I'll plaster some EMC ads on it to, so it COULD be a potential EMC tool down the line if we become viral enough with it as a site. :)

    Thanks for reading this big wall of text :p
  2. Really nice work IcC! I don't know anything about Wordpress or stuff like that, but I'll probably be uploading some of my own Craftations soon. :)
  3. Really nice IcC! Love it!
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  4. By the way, to take advantage of this contest, make sure you signup using your minecraft username so I know who it is. :p
  5. That would probably be helpful :p.
  6. Who else signed up? I'm at Talukegord
  7. I just did, at Kadboy of course. :D
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  8. I hope EMC likes HUGE creations, because I might get featured
  9. Looks good. If you need any help just ask. Also Jack knows his way around wordpress better than the people who created it.
  10. Signed up-however as Sirpunchblocks :).
  11. Only suggestion...
    Where you register make sure to tell people to check there email :)
  12. Woot. Did it...and the site isn't broken. +1
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  13. Lol, I just went to check out the upload screen... I love those tag examples. "design, wtf, awesome."
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  14. Suggestion number 2-Make the site background pink (or any color you like, just gray is bland to me). :p
  15. The more (relevant) tags, the better it'll get seen (and documented in Google searches). :)
  16. you want sites focused around user created content to have 'bland' theme's. Only because you want the creations/content to stand out. you never want to over power your selling point.
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  17. Well, I 100% agree with that, however I do think that, for the time being, with there being no entries so far, we should change the color to make the whole website stand out, then, later, when there are lots of "pictures" we can put gray as the background color again.
  18. I love this!!! We need more people to post!
  19. Well then recruit ;), tell people in game, or whenever someone posts their creation on the forums, remind them.