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  1. Now the first thing you might notice are 2 new things. The NEW LOGS! These new logs come with 2 new trees which can be grown. ( Acacia tree and Dark Oak tree ). If you look closely at the top of the logs you see Mojang finally fixed it! Woooh!

    Now, people were begging for Colored wood planks for a while and slowely but surely, they will deliver with new trees. What do you think of the new Dark Wood and the " Halloween " style wood?

    Leave all excitement, lack of excitement, or your favorite youtuber below!
  2. *ahem*

    Anyways :p
    I like the new wood colour, it seems a lot brighter then all the others
    For me, it has more of a shine to it then the other normal, natural looking wood colours
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  3. Don't like the new wood colours at all. :p I only really like oak and birch anyways :)
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  4. I dont like the acaicia tree wood, but i love the dark wood.
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  5. Me personally:

    Acacia Wood would be great for halloween.
    Dark Oak Wood: Looks better than the pine

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  6. Acacia is a littleā€¦ exotic. I like the dark wood though.
  7. Why does nobody like the new wood?
    I think it looks cool :c
  8. It does, but I wouldn't build with it.
  9. It'd be nice for a floor, or just something little though
    I wouldn't build anything big with it either, it'd be way to bright..
  10. I believe that you could use the acacia wood planks for an Asian or jungle-theme build, and dark oak in a dark color palette.
    I would just imagine how dark oak to turnout with black stained clay!
  11. I love the new blocks. Mojang has defiantly done it again. But aren't you missing the new jungle wood for savanas? Anyway, I think they look great. Can't wait what builders are going to do with these new planks. :)
  12. The jungle wood was retextured to the acacia
  13. Oh. Well I love the new texture, it makes the tree look very vivid and mysterious. :D