Minecraft the movie?....

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  1. The title says evreything, Mojang and Warner Brothers are working in a project that could be the Minecraft Movie.

  2. Seems pretty cool. If they do make one, I hope it's an animation. :D
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  3. Yes please.
    Now I need someone to see it with.
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  4. I can just see Morgan Freeman voicing steve...
  5. god that second video no thx
  6. Gamechap and Bertie?
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  7. Not seeing this. Lego, I can see the idea for a movie there. But minecraft, it's going to be hard. With Lego, you can make a movie with any characters or whatever, but with Minecraft, there's set characters and ideas and world designs to work with.
  8. In the second video how steve flys away in the plance can someone link me to that video? cheers
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  9. I wouldn't say Minecraft is any more "fixed" than Lego when it comes to ideas. Whether you want to class something as a "Set/System" (Lego) or a "Biome" (Minecraft), you can still build pretty much whatever you please.
    What does concern me is rumors that this might be live-action, which would be both an awful decision, and completely nonsensical - particularly when animators like Slamacow have already more than proven how awesome Minecraft animation can be if done right.
  10. I am excited. I saw this announcement a few days ago and was explaining how it is gonna be awesome to my less than ecstatic coworkers =)
  11. true
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  12. Could this be a hint for airplanes in a future update?
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  13. I like the idea but people have been making MC movies for a while... all the MC animations that people do are movies
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