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  1. I am making a new service where people order skins on this thread to get a skin post it on the thread your order or PM on the forums ill to it asap tell me what you want and ill do it special orders will be 1k if you want me to copy something exactly 5k and it will take a little more then a day special orders will be done in a couple hours and when i say special order i mean something like if you say creeper i would make something that i would think suits you and see if you like it everything else should take a few mins once i see it then ill tell you what the name is and ill post it on skindex and if you want just like a simple personal design but you just want something that looks ok just tell me and ill make it for a little less then 500r.
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  2. You made a pretty cool skin for me :3
  3. Sounds like a nice business! I'm not interested, though, as I draw all my skins myself.
  4. Thanks but can you help me spread the word.
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  5. hmm i haven't posted on this thread and the red thing hasn't poped up on my screen tingy yet strange anyway anyone need skins or would like theres edited (cannot do capes that is won at minecon)
  6. ? now it came up ...
  7. Red thing?