Minecraft Scam Convention

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  1. This story just made me sick to my stomach. :( Just watch the video and the sources.

    Advertisements for the Minecraft convention 'Meeting of the Mines,' which was held at Mela Room on Orange Blossom Trail, promised costume contests and PlayStation giveaways. But when attendees arrived, it was a scam advertised with a lack of decorations and disorganization.

    It is horrible how this man could just steal 45 grand and get away with this.

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  2. I have school, can someone explain to me what he's saying in a paragraph? xD
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  3. Those people are disgusting :mad:
  4. Half of me is laughing my *** off and the other half feels sorry. Feels sorry for all the victims and laughs at how pathetic that place was.
  5. There was a convention on a website supposedly that said they were sponsored by Nickelodeon and other company's, and it was first going to be at December, but them went to march. It was last weekend. It lasted 2 hours(another scam, they said it was going to last two days), it was a total disaster, and most likely the people won't be getting there money back. Kids were crying, close parents were angry. On the website they said they were going to give out prizes, but they gave out pens.

    People spent hours creating costumes to the convention, and they said they would give 1000 dollars to the best costumes. Total scam. They said that kids were become Minecraft Youtube Stars, better than captain sparklez stars. Total scam.
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  6. Yeah It's horrible the man did this but actually he didn't steal anything well except hopes and dreams. The reason he got away with it is because he actually held the event, if these people had of paid and then the convention didn't happen then he would of been stealing from thousands of people. The fact there was a location and prizes(no matter what type pens count) he got away with it.

    The real people to blame here are the parents (and if anyone 18+ fell for this then they need to be sent to Mars because they're idiots). Just by looking at the pictures this guy shows from the website of the convention I can tell this is some crap scam. First clue is the Starcraft logo because its crappy photoshop using two different logos. Second clue if Nickelodeon, ect... had of sponsored this it would of been on their Network and their own websites.

    Yes this guy, Kevin Roman, was a huge dirt block for running this crap convention, but we can't put all the blame on him. As a parent before you sign your child up for anything you should do your research. Go to the website, look at the information carefully, go to the sponsor websites and see if its real. Read all the information carefully if it sounds too good to be true its probably a scam.

    I've seen stuff like this and its really sad, but most the fault goes back on the parents. :/
  7. False advertising.. Pens are a lot different than PS4s lol.
  8. But if Nickelodeon had NOTHING to do with it,(they even included the official mojang convention company), then couldn't someone sue? I would love it if Nickelodeon sue for taking there logo without permission, lol.

    But still. This guy needs a serious punishment in law. It is hard breaking and so sad to see this happen. Yes, to me, this website defiantly looks scammy, but imagine how the kids felt. I feel like events like this in the Minecraft community really brings people together. Those people who hosted also said it would be two days, another scam. :mad:
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  9. He gave out 1 ps4 though, this is all legal sadly. As long as he gave out 1 thing that was promised he can get by with it. So technically if you took this to court it wouldn't be false advertising. He gave out a PS4 and even though it said 10 just as long as he gave out 1 hes in the ok.
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  10. 10 vs 1.. Big difference

    $1,000 costume prize bounced, pretty sure that's false too..
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  11. Nobody got the money from the costume contest either yet..
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  12. In the long run, the guy is gonna have to change his name to avoid having this hang over his head for eternity.

    Parents will sue. It doesn't matter if one thing was given away when more was promised. With the sheer amount of publicity this is creating, a lawsuit is already in the works. I can guarantee it.
    I wouldn't be surprised if Mojang, nickelodeon, redbull, etc all sued and took him for everything...
  13. Yeah but he GAVE AWAY SOMETHING.

    The sponsers that had their logo's used could sue the man for using their names, the parents probably won't be able to sue considering there was a convention, it just sucked. You cant Sue people for sucky parties xD

    they could probably sue for emotional damages xD
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  14. OK, sure, the parents should have known better, but you can't really blame it on them. All the blame falls on the piece of garbage that put it together. I am horrified that anyone would do this. My only hope is that this never happens again, and that the scumbag who did it someday realizes exactly what he has done here. The best thing we can do now is learn from it, and just keep swimming.
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  15. This is something horrible to hear...
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  16. But seriously, I REALLY hope someone sues this garbage of a convention.

    They had no lego giveaway, no 3D printing, 10 promised ps4's gone, no 1000 cash prize for contest, no official staff, and didn't even verify tickets at the doors. I am pretty sure someone can sue.
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  17. That's exactly what I was thinking about, and agreed.
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  18. There are actually grounds to sue for fraud.

    It was clearly a dishonest means to make money off of people. For one thing, as mentioned, the "convention" was crap, and it did not include the advertised giveaway/contest it was "going" to have. Second off, the real agenda was not displayed publicly. People came for a convention as advertised and got to find out that it was a "job interview" later when they were able to research what the purpose of the MOMT logo was. Without a proper disclaimer on their website, if it is even still up, the victims have every right to sue.
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  19. I suggest all of you who have jumped to conclusions read his apology statement and explanation on the event site. He did not intend to make a bad event, according to the apology. He may or may not have been telling the truth. Just don't jump to conclusions just because the news makes it look worse than it is.
    Honestly, he should have been better prepared for anything. His truck that contained all the props broke down, he should of made sure everything was set up a few days before. He should have hired security, because people stole his props. I feel sorry for the guy. Sure, it might have been terrible, but he actually tried. Which all of you who did jump to conclusions assumed he probably did not.