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  1. So I made a little video about Impostors in Minecraft servers.. I'll say I encountered 3 of these people that I mentioned in the video in EMC but that just proves how amazing EMC is for not having that many impostors :p But I'll do say that some of the experiences that I mentioned in the video were what happened on EMC a couple of times :p.

    Hope you enjoy!

    So this is kind of a new way to "Vlog" in Minecraft. Since I do not show my face in videos I decided to use this format which I don't think that anybody has done it before :p

    Thanks to Sonicol1 for helping out with this video. :D

    Peace out
  2. Love your vids! :D
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  3. Awesome vid Roo! Stuff like this, is why I'm not *too* thrilled that Mojang is possibly going to let us do name changes. We don't need the following:


    Just as bad as someone going BUDDERKID23423423

    And of course there's the whole Icecream*thinghere* and PandasEatRamen and PandasEatPotato. xD
  4. Oh gosh lol wait theyre gonna let us do name changes now? :confused:
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  5. I heard it/saw twitter pics of it POSSIBLY being something in the future.
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  6. I actually have met many celebrities, at the moment Sky, Caveman, and Hypixel.
    I can totally agree with you about this whole vid. PMC imposters are the worst!
  7. About one year ago, someone told me about that space thing, and I got a 24 hour ban for that... Because I didn't really knew that. I don't do that kind of things anymore... Lol.
  8. Lol :p I actually didn't know that you could do the space thing until a month ago :p But 24 hour ban? Thats harsh! ;o
  9. Hey guys


    <CaptainSparklez> I'm recording for YouTube
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  10. First I thought I was banned for AFKing a whole night at my grinder, but the mods said it was for that, it was my only time I was banned. :D
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  11. Anyone with this name should be banned.
  12. Wait, whats the difference in the first name Jk? i cant tell it from skys username in general.
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  13. Exactly.
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  14. Coming from a troll, we only do these things to get attention and to get a reaction. Don't take it personally.
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  15. I have Met ChimneySwift, CavemanFilms, SkyTheKidRS, SkitScape, MeMyselfAndPi, TheCampingRusher, NoahCraftFTW, ChildDolphin, Hypixel, AntVenom, PeteZahHutt and Heyaroo :p

    Anyways nice Video I remember on almost any Public Server I have been on (except EMC) has had such Imposters.....
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  16. I copied and pasted his name and forgot to add a number.

    Agreed. This BUDDER worshipping crap is so stupid.
    Person at Drop Party: I'll drop free gold but the first person who says budder/butter I'll stop.
    Person 2: BUUDDER (_/¯。々°)_/¯
    Me: *facepalm* Everytime you say Budder, a kitty dies.
    Person 2: Good, I hate cats!
    Me: *facepalm* Everytime you say Budder, a PONY dies.
    Other person stopped saying it after that temporarily.
  17. I hate when ppl take other peoples log in name and then use the same picture and i get confused because i dont have time to look at the name and figure out who you are. Stop with the Identity crisis people!

    The Budder god shall smite thee and turn you into gold building blocks for our Budder Tub Fortress!!!!

    I can't believe your not budder! I'm hungry now...
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  18. Once, I set up a mobdisguise server, and disguised as SlyFox, my friend took a screenshot, and apparently tricked his friends into thinking he ACTUALLY met SlyFox.
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  19. I need to go make a MC account called PaulSoareJr then go around on servers, freaking people out.....
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  20. Guys being girls= Funniest part :p