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  1. Hey guys. I, We3Mosses, am going to introduce myself. So, yeah. Like, I've been in-game for over 200 days. But I am a very cool guy. As you all know, I'm usually on smp6. We love to interact and use the @s channel. Things are shiny and we sure do like to make jokes. :p Though, if you really want to meet me in a residence, introduce yourself in the mansion at /v +fryguy (don't worry, the owner built it so others could visit me). :) As always, I'm on quite a bit usually. Though some days I may be less active than others, I'm generally on at some point every day. Always be sure that if you want to upgrade on my reses, you get the respective blocks, etc from 12144 and 12143 respectively. Though also note the following things may get you res banned:
    Bulk selling unless specified otherwise.
    Donating dirt.
    Attempting to donate items from other shops that they don't allow reselling of. (e.g. finch alt heads, special items from shops, etc.)
    Attempting to donate or sell anything that Senior staff consider illegal items, like tnt and hostile mob spawn eggs.
    Hopefully you now know who I am! Have a nice life knowing me! ;)
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  2. Tnt is illegal?
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  3. Nice to meet you, very glad you are having a good time here. :)
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  4. Why would shops have the sell sign then?

    Dirt is untraceable unless renamed

    TNT is allowed, and only some hostile mob spawn eggs (Nether Hound, Enraged Zombie)
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  5. You probably don't mean some things as they look right now, but some of your comments look a bit rude. And trust me: I know you most likely never intended it this way. But...

    So what you're basically saying is that you only accept donations which can be resold? :confused: What if people donate stuff without looking at the value of the object but instead only wonder if you might like having it or how it might be usable in your shop or other builds (ornament)?

    Like I said, don't want to come off harsh but it did sound bit peculiar to me.

    Others said it before me, but alas: TNT is a regular Minecraft item which is not illegal and can even be auctioned off (I recently won an auction for a DC full of it, ph33r me! :D).
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  6. Not saying it isn't legal. Just don't want to harn anyone, and I don't need finch heads, not-special dirt, etc and others don't allow reselling those. I will put signs up, and if you do not listen, you'll be res banned. :p Hope you understand. Have a nice life with me! ;)
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  7. Harm, not harn. :p
  8. Hi We3Mosses. Welcome to the Empire and the forums. Enjoy your stay. :)
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  9. I honestly don't mean to sound rude. People very often misinterpret my meanings because of the way I say things. I really am friendly. It's just that communication is pretty hard for me.

    Thanks for being patient with me!
  10. Welcome to Empire Minecraft, We3Mosses! :)
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  11. In the future, please try to edit your post instead of double-posting. It reduces spam a bit. :)
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  12. Nice to meet you! :D
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  13. I would be pretty happy getting tnt or enraged zombie/netherhound eggs. Welcome to EMC even though you've been here a while!
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