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  1. Minecraft Delivery
    i is the amount of item slots used
    x is the destination X-coordinates
    y is the destination Y-coordinates
    z is the destination Z-coordinates

    Cost = i*sqrt[(-444-x)*(-444-x) + (63-y)*(63-y) + (-326-z)*(-326-z)]/42

    Q: Where are the prices ?
    A: In black text under the BIG RED TEXT

    Q: Can you calculate the prices for me ?
    A: Yes

    Q: What if the result is a decimal
    A: Round down, Decimal gone

    Q: Will you do other server?
    A: Planning add the feature

    PM delivery requests to me
    Create a VISIBLE chest on your res with ACCESS sign

    Post any question on this thread
  2. You, my good sir, are a genius.
  3. I'm surprised 72volt didnt come up with this.
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  4. Well, I'm certainly flattered, but I'd never be able to decide on a rupee per metre/item slot rate like this.
    By the way, I'll calculate for you if you want, Henry. I have WolframAlpha handy.
  5. Fixed a error in the prices, when I wrote squared, it turned into '2'
  6. I'm constantly modifying the post
  7. It really puts the customers off when you have to have to spend 3 weeks working out the cost - Just give a whole number like 0.028 rupees per block travelled.
  8. WolframAlpha Should do the trick and plus, right now I am programming a calculator and adding outpost, all-server (but utopia) delivery, and 0.028 rupees per block, how do I calculate it diagonally
  9. So if what Wolfram is telling me is true, to take

    10 items too, 4567*63*4234 it would cost me 67752 rupees.

    I'll pass.
  10. If all items are the same and can stack, i = 1
    I might change the prices, never thought about them eariler
  11. Still, 6700 rupees for a trip that would take you 20 minutes max.

    This is what it would need to be reasonable

    i*sqrt[(-444-x)*(-444-x) + (63-y)*(63-y) + (-326-z)*(-326-z)]/85
  12. New prices
  13. Can you give an approximate per block estimate on the charge?
  14. 13 rupees a block
  15. So to run out to where I am 40k blocks out, I'd have to pay 520k Rupees plus reveal its location. Hmm... I'll have to think about this a little first.
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  16. It's a pretty good bargain.
  17. I think it would be 1 rupee per 42 blocks, or .023r/block. You'd be paying 952r per item slot, not 520k. That's based on the prices listed currently, though.
  18. I didn't feel like trying to figure it out so I was using JoshPosh's 13r per which he gave above.
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  19. I understand, I just thought it was unfair for people to only see the 520k estimate - it makes the service look grossly more expensive than it really is.