Minecraft on the radio!

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  1. So I was driving my kiddo to school this morning, and the station I listen to is doing a contest for kids who want to go to summer camp. This little 8 year old boy won and guess what he wrote his letter about?! Minecraft. He wanted to go to a Minecraft summer camp. I will never forget the excitement and joy in his voice when they were asking him what minecraft was. :D It was the cutest thing. He talked about mosters and mining. But then he said something that made me laugh so hard. Because it definitely applies to me. He said well at this camp I hope they teach me not only about servers, and how to create other worlds, but yea I stink at redstone. Of course us MC nerds know what redstone is and I know personally I stink at it too. But the people from the radio didnt laugh like he did and it turned akward. So he explained a little about it. I thought this was the neatest thing. This game brings joy to all of us. No matter age. Anyways thought some of you would like to know. The camp is called IDT. So look it up for your kiddos and see if there is one close to you. They teach 1 week all on MC. Thought it was pretty neat!

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  2. That's cool!
    Thanks for sharing :)