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  1. Please.
    We all are going through this hard time, but we must stick together.
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  2. *sigh*
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  3. ok guys, dont worry: Amazon cloud had a technical difficulty and bascially every website hosted by amazon cloud has crashed. This happened about an hour ago. Im sure amazon is working to repair this and everything will be fixed soon.
  4. Very helpful.
    Likewise to you sir.

    I would officially like to thank both of you for your pertinent and helpful responses.
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  5. Hopefully it will be back up, but for now, looks kike your stuck in multiplayer. But why are there other people still in EMC?
  6. Oh, didn't you hear?
    They've moved into the hotel business now...
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  7. You, are very welcome.
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  8. I am not questioning minecraft being down. I am questioning the website I am being redirected to. Please read the post before impulsive and redundant.
  9. Acutally NO, its the same thing really. Amazon servers down, different domain name, sooo..
  10. I am still logged in. But I also refuse to log out.
  11. You're not being redirected, for time being, that IS minecraft.net
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  12. Aren't we lucky? :p
  13. Yes, yes we are. :D
  14. Nope, it's been like that for 3 hours.
  15. I would like to thank YOU for the 5th thread today...
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  16. by the way biscuitboy, i wasnt being impulsive. your first post wasnt clear at all and made it seem like you were questioning it being down. Sorry for the non-clarity. (and as we now say at roomkey.com, Have a nice day! :)
Thread Status:
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