Minecraft Major Hack!!!

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  1. More than 500k of players have been stolen their accounts by a misterious hacker.

    Go and change your Minecraft accounts passwords! You have been warned!
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  2. Thanks for the warning. I'll make sure to change my password.
  3. Why would someone go and do that :(
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  4. I went on looking information about it and it's fake, the list was a compilation of many old lists which none work.
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  5. from what I gather from what they said - this is only if you signed up on Mineplex - as mineplex was hacked, so therefor if you use same password on Mineplex, then your info is compromised and needs to be changed.
  6. Did not take long to find the twitter account mentioned in the video, not long at all.
    Very worrying...
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  7. Huh? What's wrong?
  8. I know this is a serious situation, but I just can't stand how they talk. All of their videos, I just can't. >.<
  9. Hehe, i love gamechap and bertie, how they talk is so funny :D.
  10. I agree it's funny, but I can't stand it. :p
  11. Well, looks like he/she/they took down some Mojang servers to protest against the EULA changes. Makes perfect sense to me. Not.
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  12. Yeah, pretty sure this was just a DDoS, and then they were too high on their horse and started making false claims.
  13. Nah.. I watched the twitter exchange and threads minutes before this DDoS happened... It IS a DDoS.. but it is from the group that Nick mentioned. I guess if that is how you want to show you are frustrated.
  14. I meant as in, not account hacking haha.
  15. I am getting scared... what the heck is going on with Minecraft. :(
  16. Is it TEH END!?!?