Minecraft launcher looks weird D:

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  1. So I went to play MC just now and this is what it looks like o.o ...any idea why?? I don't think the launcher updated because it says launcher 1.6.61 and I googled when the last launcher update was and that was back in march... haalp!
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  2. The mojang page changed. The launcher is still the same.
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  3. ok so I didn't break my laptop again is what you're saying? ok good xD
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  4. [short biased rant]Good so I'm not the only one who noticed it's now terrible. For crying out loud why does everything on the web have to become white now... I hate that, it looks meh and hurts your eyes late at night. Blegh[/short biased rant]
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  5. I get it at some level, but what I hate is this crap. I get that it's supposed to look cool or whatever but seriously it has a ridiculously low information density and you get lost in the UI SO EASILY.
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  6. Looks normal to me, same version too:
  7. you're a lucky one then xD
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  8. I'm the same. Maybe it's Optifine, like not having updated to 1.10.2?
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  9. i got the same launcher just about 40 mins ago, doesnt effect the game just click play like you would otherwise
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  10. could be a small server issue where it is not connecting to the default, so it is connecting to another, due to some time out issue?