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  1. Alright, so I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem. I see plenty of others on Google have had this problem. So I run Windows 8.1 and Minecraft will not work. It crashes constantly at the lowest settings...or any settings for that matter. My laptop is a gaming laptop and everything else works. The screen, when Minecraft decides to work, flickers and all the textures 'blink' like item frames display all different kinds of bricks in them rather than what they should display. My crash reports have displayed two different issues. The first was this.
    And the second I dont have a picture for atm because I can not get the specific error to appear again lol. But it told me this...
    [Chunk Batcher 0/WARN]: Needed to grow BufferBuilder buffer: Old size 524288 bytes, new size 2621440 bytes.
    So idk what to try next. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Minecraft like 10 times (no exaggeration), I have turned the video settings down and up. I tried those with and without Optifine and still got the same issues. I tried running earlier versions of Minecraft. My drivers are up to date. Nothing is being blocked from my firewall from what I can tell. I have installed the latest version of Java. I tried both downloads from Minecraft.net. I have no idea what to try next. I have done so much browsing on forums and websites when I googled these problems. Anyone know anything that can help? Tyvm! :)
  2. The error message in the picture you'll just need to do some more Googling for: this is the best search term imo.

    The second message you don't need to worry about. I see that message constantly when playing Minecraft and is not fatal, so it won't crash the game (or affect visually anything when not looking at the laucher)

    EDIT: You're not having the latest version of java, which is v. 8.60. Yet I see v. 8.25 installed. This might be causing the problem
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  3. My computer says there is no updates for Java and I just downloaded Java yesterday to try and fix my minecraft issues. I installed the Java Runtime Enviroment and it got rid of the flickering, but I still crash with both of the errors I posted above. I tried reinstalling everything too. Still crashes. What else can I try? :)
  4. Try turning VBO's off I had this problem I'll find the video I used in a bit
  5. Alright, so it seems that it really only bugs out in crowded areas or areas that are full of blocks. Like complex farm residences. But I still sometimes get the flickering. If there is anything else I can try, I would love to try it out! :)

    Thank you to all those who have given me advice so far. I appreciate it a lot. ;)
  6. Is your client modded?
  7. What GPU do you use for Minecraft?

    Try updating your drivers for your GPU
  8. My client is not modded. I use Optifine, but thats it.
    All of my drivers appear to be up to date.
  9. A client with Optifine is still a modded client. Try running Minecraft with no mods at all and see if anything's different. Also (I'm not sure if this will help), download Java 64 bit (https://java.com/en/download/manual.jsp) if you haven't already, and try allocating some more RAM to your game. If that's not the problem, at least you'll have a better Java version.
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  10. try and remove minecraft completely (save stuff you want to your desktop) and the start from scratch, Then also go to your GPU site and see if there is an update, also check windows update. and go to Java and Install the newest Java.
  11. I have uninstalled everything and tried once again. Windows is up to date and so is all my drivers. I did download that and I have not crashed yet, but the flickering is still present. I doubled the amount of RAM minecraft used and it still 'flickered'.
    It says my GPU has no updates, but I went to the website and re-downloaded the drivers. I have not crashed yet, but the 'flickering' remains.
  12. My Friend had this, and did a Restore to a date when there was no issues, and then it worked fine.
  13. The problem with that is it has never worked for me yet. I got a new laptop and installed minecraft on it and it has never had a point where there was no 'flickering'.
  14. Can we get a video or a screenshot to see what is happening?
  15. What is your Computer Spec's?
  16. It looks like this but a little worse. You will see his tool bar and stuff 'flicker.' The reason mine is worse is I see the flickering in the item frames and sometimes I see flashes of rainbow textures on the screen.
    You wont find anything wrong with my specs. I run Windows 8.1, Intel Core i7, 8 GB RAM, NVIDIA GTX 960, and 1 TB Hard drive.
  17. I cant watch youtube as my ISP does not support it. But have you Tried making More Ram? If not, follow my Tut here;
    Also Make sure your Minecraft is running off your GPU and not your CPU, when you press f3, it will say what your Graphics is, for Example, Intel HD Graphics, or GTX 870M....., Also Make sure you have no Viruses, (I use Bit Defender).

    If your game ever crashes, Could you go to your .minecraft and post the Crash Report?